Assistant Executive Housekeeper Job Description

Assistant executive housekeeper or housekeeper executive assistant responsibilities are very important for any organization or place where large number of people may reside or gather for business or any other objective on a regular basis for example, a residential apartment, an office, university, shopping mall, cruise ships or a park.

A professional working in this position is responsible for handling the housekeeping staff and helps them in the cleaning and maintenance of the environment and ambience for the place where they work.

An assistant executive housekeeper reports to the executive housekeeper, general manager, community manager or any person from the authority depending on the place where he works. He schedules the cleaning and maintenance activities and assigns specific tasks to different housekeeping staff on a weekly or monthly basis, as the case may be.

Assistant executive housekeeper responsibilities are to purchase and maintain inventories such as chemicals, detergents, pesticides, room fresheners, vacuum cleaners, mops, etc. He must know how to use the different cleaning materials and in what quantity. Recruitment and training of staff and supervising their work are also an important job task of the assistant housekeeper executive.

Assistant Executive Housekeeper Responsibilities

The responsibilities can be categorized under the following heads:

Not all the assistant executive housekeepers may be asked to perform all the above stated activities. Some of them may be asked only to do the administrative part, while others concentrate on the operational activities.

Skills of an Assistant Executive Housekeeper

To perform the assistant executive housekeeper responsibilities efficiently, you need to possess excellent organizational and leadership skills along with an understanding of housekeeping requirements of different organizations. You must be able to work with chemical and electronic equipments on a routine basis. You need to be communicative and cooperative with the staff.

Becoming an Assistant Executive Housekeeper

Education is not a barrier if you want to become an assistant executive housekeeper, yet a degree in hotel management, hospitality or a related field will give you an edge over other applicants. You can also opt for a certification program by the International Executive Housekeeping Association. Experience in housekeeping or hospitality management is an added advantage, though some organizations may not require that.

Career Scope

As an assistant executive housekeeper, you can earn around $70,000 on an average. Assistant executive housekeepers can opt for a certificate program for career advancement or work for a few years before getting promoted.

With this description of assistant executive housekeeper responsibilities, you also come to know about the salary and career advancement offered by this profile.

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