Executive Job Responsibilities

Every organization, big or small, has executives. Their responsibilities may vary in quantum and be different for different industries and fields. Nevertheless there are some common executive responsibilities which a person of that profile has to perform.

Before we go on to look at the executive responsibilities let us clear one thing. It has become a prejudiced notion of people that executives are only restricted to white collar jobs. The hype and awe for the high position holding professionals in the white collar jobs is all because of the salary they draw. For example, the CEOs (Chief Executive Officer) are paid fat salaries but unfortunately not all of them perform as expected, as per the reports.

No doubt that a lot of responsibilities rest on their shoulders like stated in the following, but their performance is judged wholly on the basis of the progress the organization makes:


Having a vision for the future is the most important thing in running an organization. Nothing can be planned if there is no motive, vision or a mission with targets properly lined out. A person has to have considerable amount of experience in handling responsibilities rather than just completing number of years of serving in the concerned industry.

Organization Atmosphere

Just like in school or any other learning institutions, the working atmosphere should be conducive to promote productivity. A lot many things can come under this requirement, for example, recreational activities, employee friendly policies, incentives, etc.

Human Resources

When a professional climbs up the ladder and is supposed to manage things in an organization they have to become social and see to it that the human resources are used accordingly to benefit the company.


Giving a direction towards the goals of the management, the company and also the pace at which the work should be completed, etc., are decided by the executives of the company.

Setting different strategies for achieving the desired goal and keep a tab on the progress reports, conduct quality check tests, etc.


Take care of the funds coming in and investments, etc., come under the purview of executive responsibilities. Allot money to appropriate departments and give proper increments, etc., depends on the executives.

It is highly advisable to look before you leap when it comes to taking up jobs and especially such positions before you actually finalize things. Also, check for the requirements of your industry to be in a better position to negotiate.

Find all these and related information on the articles on our site. Different professions are categorized in the categories given on the side of this page. We wish you all the best for a successful future!

Here is the list of different types of executive job responsibilities:

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