Housekeeping Job Description

Housekeeping is a physically demanding job that accounts for the maintenance and cleanliness of the assigned areas in hotels, hospitals, corporate firms, and even residential homes. Excellent presentation and orderliness being the epochal elements of judging the quality of any business, the housekeeping agencies ensure that they demonstrate efficient and industrious service to their clients.

The housekeepers are required to maintain good health as most of the tasks involve physical work where they are needed to stand, walk, lift, and bend throughout their shifts. Besides, they are expected to maintain high standards of personal hygiene and grooming while adhering to the working principles and policies set up by the organization. Nearly all cleaning agencies enforce adherence to the National Infection Control and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) guidelines apart from the regularized health and hygiene regulations.

Efficiency and dedication towards work are chief constituents demonstrated by the personnel with a view to achieve the key aim of improving the experience of the customers.

The job incorporates a considerable use of the latest cleaning equipment, demanding the professionals to be familiar with their operating techniques. The duty extends to the maintenance and stocking of equipment supplies and reporting of the need for repairs and replacement materials.

Some of the typical responsibilities include sweeping, vacuum cleaning, washing, polishing, and dusting as appropriate apart from the laundry duties such as washing, sluicing, drying, ironing, sorting, and folding of clothes.

Housekeeping Duties and Responsibilities



Career Advancement

Efficiency in work with required experience in the field can help in landing senior profiles such as housekeeping supervisor, executive housekeeper, etc.

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