Executive Housekeeper Responsibilities

An executive housekeeper is responsible for supervising the maintenance and housekeeping staff and is answerable for any problem associated with housekeeping. Their work doesn't involve the actual day-to-day cleaning duties, but just overseeing them.

The duties of executive housekeepers are highly responsible, as they directly deal with the hygiene and health issues. The executive housekeepers are generally recruited in hotels, hospitals, organizations, institutes, colleges, etc. The executives keep a watch on the housekeepers' work and see to it that they meet the management's standards.

The executive housekeeper directs and controls the work of the building's maintenance staff. He or she maintains a cleaning schedule and assigns duties to each staff member and ensures that all the assigned tasks are completed well in time.

They assist the staff according to the cleaning requirements and are apprised of everything that is happening within the department. The executive housekeeper not only supervises the housekeeping staff, but also manages the budget of the department.

He keeps a record of the purchases and usage of housekeeping products, salaries, and maintenance expenses of the department. The executive housekeepers also work as a part of the management team and are responsible of providing all the updates going within the housekeeping department.

The executive housekeepers are also responsible of hiring new staff whenever necessary. They then provide necessary training to the newly recruited staff and assign them work accordingly. The executives may even take necessary disciplinary and firing actions against his housekeeping staff.

They also carry out auditing and assessing of how well the department is functioning and undertake necessary points for improvement. Time management is another major responsibility of an executive housekeeper. He or she must ensure that the all the housekeeping tasks are performed well in time and no complaints shall be encountered regarding any housekeeping work.

The job of an executive housekeeper is open to all the candidates with a minimum qualification of an associate degree. Along with this qualification, the candidate must also be aware of various skills and responsibilities of an executive housekeeper. The below given information about the executive housekeeper responsibilities and skills will definitely help you get ample knowledge about this field.

Job Responsibilities of an Executive Housekeeper

The job responsibilities of an executive housekeeper often depend upon the industry or organization the executive is working with. However, supervision is one of the major responsibilities of an executive housekeeper. The below given information about different housekeeping areas and their respective duties will help you to understand the actual job duties of an executive housekeeper.

Key Skills Required by an Executive Housekeeper


The average annual salary of an executive housekeeper lies between the range of $21,000 to $38,000. This salary range may, however, change according to the industry he or she is working in.

The above mentioned information about the executive housekeeper responsibilities will help you in getting adequate knowledge about the executive housekeeper job duties. The skills, qualification, and salary mentioned above will further help you in deciding this field as your career option and plan your career accordingly.

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