Line Cook Job Description

If you are a person who is interested in preparing various food items and presenting it to the guests, then you can definitely take up a career as a line cook.

The line cook responsibilities comprise handling a particular station in the kitchen, preparing the culinary delights and presenting it to its guests.

The prime objective of this professional is to ensure that the guests should be provided with high quality food that is good in its appearance and satisfies the taste buds of the guest. It is his/her duty to make sure that the dining experience should be a pleasure to all the guests visiting the restaurant.

This professional is commonly seen working at fry stations, grill stations, desert stations, pantry or any other areas of the kitchen. In short, the guests should feel satisfied with the food that is being served at their restaurant.

Key Responsibilities of Line Cook

The line cook generally works under the supervision of a head chef and his/her basic duty includes the preparation of food as ordered by the guests. They are involved in the actual production of food and plating it.

This professional may be assigned a particular line; for example, stove, vegetable prep area, grill, desert station, etc. Depending on the type of line or station he/she is assigned, he/she needs to prepare those specific food items as and when they are ordered by the incoming guests.

He/she is involved in controlling the food costs, maintaining the standards with respect to the quality of food that is being served, ensuring cleanliness, etc., and may perform other duties related to preparation of food like final plate preparation that may include plating, garnishing, etc.

Given below are some points that will explain in detail the key responsibilities that need to be handled by a line cook working in any restaurant:

Thus, he/she needs to handle a multitude of responsibilities.

Essential Skills and Abilities

Educational Background

The educational requirement may vary from one employer to another. The individuals who have completed a two or four year degree coursework that provides basic insight on cooking techniques, restaurant management, health and safety procedures and various other aspects would definitely be preferred. He/she should have knowledge of professional cooking and should be well aware of the food handling procedures, and safety and sanitary regulations. The individuals with a food handler's permit would be welcomed by the employers. Industry certification would be a plus as well.

Work Environment

The line cook works in the hot environment of the kitchen and needs to work in shifts. He/she should be ready to work at flexible timings as per the requirement of the restaurant and should be ready to work on weekends and public holidays as well.

Salary Details

According to the average remuneration offered for a line cook is close to $23,000, and it may vary depending on the experience, type, skills, qualifications and location of the restaurant where he/she is working.

Career Prospects

The potential candidates who have demonstrated their skills and abilities will definitely move up as line supervisors, chef, sous chef, executive chef, etc., and those who are more ambitious may open up their own catering business or restaurant.

Therefore, if you want to stabilize yourselves in the culinary field, the line cook responsibilities must be carried out in a professional manner so that you are able to climb up the ladder of success really fast.

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