Billing Manager Job Description

Every business organization requires a large number of employees to handle the various operations of the billing department. The billing assistant, bill collectors, and all other employees in the billing department report to the billing manager. The responsibilities of a billing manager are to handle the billing and collections for the organization. He is accountable for managing the activities of the departmental staff and delivering excellent results.

A billing manger supervises the routine operations of the billing department and ensures that the organizational and industry standards are followed for the same. He verifies the accuracy of the reports. He resolves the issues escalated by the staff regarding discrepancies arising in the bills of the clients. Additionally, he keeps a track of the bills received from the vendors and approves the payments for the same.

The billing manager participates in the recruitment and training process. He assigns tasks and shifts them to the staff and assists in the monthly and annual closing of accounts. He needs to prepare and implement a strategy that helps the staff to work efficiently and complete all the tasks on time with minimum or no errors.

Responsibilities of a billing manager in a modern day organization have been explained below for your reference.

Responsibilities of a Billing Manager

Skills of a Billing Manager

As a billing manager, an individual should be:

Becoming a Billing Manager

To get selected for this position, you need to complete your education with a bachelor's or master's degree in accounts, finance, or a business related course. Individuals with a high school diploma who have experience of working in the accounts department can also apply for this job.

Career Scope

You can earn an average salary of $42,000 while working as a billing manager. Additional allowances including bonuses, paid holidays, 401K insurance, and other benefits may differ with every organization.

Billing manager responsibilities tend to differ with every organization. You are thus required to confirm the responsibilities that will be assigned to you as you get appointed.

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