Escalation Manager Responsibilities

Escalation management deals with incident and problem management system in an organization. It is managed by a different set of people who carries out the entire documented process for escalation management. This requires one to associate their work with service desk operators who works together in an escalation center.

Key Responsibilities of an Escalation Manager

The escalation management team deals with ordering, structuring, and bringing in the management's attention to a major incident or a problem, which has escalated beyond its limits.

They work in a team and their main responsibility is to provide assistance to the service engineer by prioritizing and reassigning their work in the most critical situation.

They analyze the current scenario of an organization, locate, and highlight certain issues which requires immediate response, and allows the organization to track that critical problem, monitor it appropriately, and manage the escalating situation.

The key responsibilities of an escalation manager comprise:

The main responsibility of an escalation manager is to bring order, structure, and focused management attention to the customer's problems in order to gain complete consumer satisfaction. The need for creating an escalation process is triggered by the organization when the customer complains about the urgency of resolution or when the organization perceives the loss of consumer base due to emergency situation.

Required Skills and Expertise Knowledge

The educational qualification requirement is not the basic criteria for obtaining a post in escalation management, though one has to be a minimum graduate in any relevant field for applying for this post.

Escalation management is based on task accomplishment in a critical situation, hence one has to show competitive skills for carrying out the task effectively within the scheduled time. Consumer satisfaction is the key element of escalation management program, hence one has to carry out all the tasks assigned effectively.

The key skill requirements for escalation management are mentioned below:

Apart from this, one also has to demonstrate certain skills which are gained by experiences.

Organizations prefers an experienced manager who is:

Salary Compensation

The average salary of an escalation manager falls in the range of $69,000 to $84,000 annually. The minimum salary offered for this position falls around $55,000, while the maximum salary offered comes up to $130,000 annually.

The job profile of an escalation manager is related to escalating the task accomplishment in critical situations and guaranteeing the customer satisfaction at the same time. This requires one to be fully accomplished for handling this role efficiently. The roles and responsibilities of an escalation manager give a thorough knowledge about the job profile and skills required for carrying out the task accordingly.

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