Inventory Control Manager Job Description

The inventory control manager is a crucial position in the organization that is responsible for directing the company's inventory control and inventory record accuracy programs that include the execution of inventory management strategy. This position is basically responsible for overseeing each and every shipping and receiving operations. The inventory control manager responsibilities comprise managing, controlling as well as monitoring the activities related to inventory management.

It also includes interacting with the personnel involved in various functions like material planning, warehousing, inventory control, master scheduling, receiving and shipping, etc., ensuring compliance with all the needs of the internal as well as external customers and the organization's facility system.

Inventory Control Manager Responsibilities

These professionals interface with the multiple organizational levels and disciplines in order to review and provide analysis of corporate inventory. They supervise the employees in various areas like receiving, material handling, stock control, etc. They compile records related with ordering, storing, issuing, receiving, shipping materials, supplies, and equipment.

They also develop, document and implement inventory control procedures and review inventory records. They make adjustments as per the requirements and review the usage requirements to determine the stock locations for minimal handling and improved flow. They oversee the scheduling of components and raw materials from the suppliers so as to ensure that the customer schedules have been met.

These professionals make sure that the inventory is maintained at an optimal level so that the production schedules are not interrupted. They establish and monitor the operation of processes and procedures for the organization of materials. They need to prioritize staff schedules, organize projects so as to enhance its operation and make decisions that will assure the availability of material for long term by implementing inventory strategies.

They engage in selecting methods, techniques and evaluation criteria that will help in achieving the best results for the organization. They manage and control the inventory stock counting and inventory accuracy checks. They ensure that overstocks are minimized and that the redundant and obsolete raw materials are removed. Thus, they need to handle a multitude of responsibilities that are related with inventory management and control.

Required Skills and Abilities

If you are planning to make a career in this field, then you must possess solid knowledge in inventory management related areas and should be familiar with the inventory management system. Excellent leadership skills, communication and interpersonal skills along with the ability to develop and maintain effective relations with the staff members by extending the necessary help and support will prove to be advantageous. Project management skills, investigative nature, advanced math and technical skills would be beneficial. You should have the ability to effectively manage the subordinates, supervise them, plan, organize and control the work flow in a team environment.

Educational Qualifications

Work Environment

The work of these professionals is quite demanding, especially from the physical point of view, as their daily routine consists of sitting, standing, lifting, crouching, climbing, walking, etc. They need to work either inside or outside the company office, warehouse, and the conditions can be hot, wet, cold, dusty, greasy, etc. Moreover, the individuals working in this field should be able to work under time pressures and must be ready to work overtime if deadlines need to be met. Business related travel may be required at times in order to visit the remote distribution centers, suppliers, vendors, or to participate in some trade events.

Remuneration Details

The remuneration that can be offered to such professionals varies in the range of $56,000 to $105,000 according to a recent survey conducted by The average salary is close to $79,000 and is based on data that comprises employers of all industries, varying geographical locations and sizes.

Career Path

Successful inventory control managers will definitely advance to the higher positions. They will need to handle more responsible work and can be assured of a lucrative pay package as well.

Therefore, if you want to take your career to new heights in this field, then the inventory control manager responsibilities must be shouldered well.

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