Network Manager Job Description

Computers in any organizations are connected in a network so that there is a central access to all the data available in the company and each employee is able to interact with the other one.

This helps in creating coordination between the employees as well as helps in efficient distributions of the resources available with the company.

Various architectures such as local area network, metropolitan area network, wide area network and many other networking devices are used in establishing a proper network and connecting all the systems to a central server. This network is established by the hardware and networking team, who work under the assistance of a network manager.

Here we have tried to give you a detailed network manager job description focusing on his duties, skills, career outlook and salaries.

A network manager may be alternatively known as a system administrator. Apart from establishing a system network in the company, he is also involved in the administration of the systems and troubleshooting any kind of problems of the employees or the end-users of the systems.

A network manager not only has opportunities to work in a company but also in schools, colleges, libraries, banks, etc. They provide all kinds of hardware and networking services to the firms and establishments they are working with.

Duties and Responsibilities of Network Manager:

Skills Required by Network Managers:

Educational Requirements

If you are looking for a career in network management then you should have a degree in Computer Science or Information Technology. There are many certification courses in network administration and hardware management, pursuing such certifications will increase your knowledge and importance in the job market. Network managers handle most of the managerial duties and assist a networking team so they are required to have experience of at least 2-3 years in networking and hardware field.

Salaries Offered

Network managers earn about $140,000 per annum. Sometimes their annual earnings are more than this but this depends entirely upon the size of the organization and the experience of an individual in the networking field.

Some network managers are not employed at any organization; they take contracts from schools, offices, colleges, etc., and provide networking services to them. Hope the network manager job description helped you in knowing the detailed job profile of a network manager.

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