Physician Assistant Job Description

Physician Assistants are the doctors who are still studying medicine but are working under the guidance of a doctor. They reduce the workload of the physician which gives them time to look after each patient better. To know about this important position, read the job description.

Physician assistants work under the guidance of experienced doctors. This is good for them as they also get practical knowledge by working with the physician's patients. Another advantage is that they learn a lot from the physician. Owing to this, many opt for this job.

Physicians can have many patients in a day; hence, they require assistants so they can reduce their work load. The assistants take the vital stats of the patient that come in. They check their temperature, blood pressure, sugar levels, etc., so the physician does not have to do that. The physician will then talk to the patient to find the ailment, prescribe tests and medicines. Hence, it is the foremost duty given in a physician assistant job description.

Another advantage is that in case the physician is unavailable, the assistant can take a look at the patients as they too know the patients well. They can take a look at the patient's reports and make interpretations. Then they can prescribe medications and tests to the patient on behalf of the physician. This is helpful for both the doctor and the patient, as there is no delay in the treatment of the patient.

The physician assistants are still studying and the physicians grant them leaves whenever they have examinations. They also receive a monthly stipend from the doctor, which though, may not be that high but the experience and education they gain is handy. The assistants practically run the physician's practice and hence, they also learn management skills. For more information on this lucrative position, read the physician assistant job description given in bulleted points.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Physician Assistant

The physician assistants are students and are still studying to become doctors. They may not make great money in this position, but the practical knowledge they get while working under an experienced physician is priceless. That is the actual reason why many student doctors opt for this position.

Education required

Career Advancement

Probably all the physician assistants aspire to become physicians. Hence, the next step for them is passing medical school and completing residency.

The physician assistant job description is to aid the physician in handling patients, but in reality it is more like an on the job training for them.

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