Substitute Teacher Job Description

That unknown teacher who comes to teach when your teacher is on leave is known as the substitute teacher; check out the substitute teacher job description to know what all are their duties. The basic part of their duty is to come and teach when the regular teacher is on leave.

The substitute teachers are called when any teacher is on casual leave or is on maternity leave. Once the teacher informs the authority about their leave, they call in a substitute teacher as their replacement. The substitute teachers teach the subject from the exact place where the earlier teacher had left it.

The substitute teachers have to be good at teaching all subjects and of all grade levels. They should be able to handle the students of all different grades. Usually, the students are slightly more troublesome towards substitute teachers as they are not their regular teachers, but the substitute teachers have to be able to get through to them and teach them the required subject. The substitute teacher job description also emphasizes on this duty.

The substitute teachers have to get updated from the teacher on how far have they come in the curriculum. They have to begin teaching from thereon. They also have to get to know all the students well so they can get along with them. This also helps them to maintain an account of each student, and they can then inform the teacher after they are back about the progress of each student.

Once the teacher is back, the substitute teacher will hand over responsibilities to them. They have to tell them till where they have taught the students and update on any other important things. However, as long they are there they have to do all the duties of a teacher, i.e. that they also take part in extracurricular activities. These activities are important for the development of the children and hence, the substitute teacher should encourage them. Another activity they have to be a part of is the parent teacher meetings. They have to meet with the parents and tell them of their progress.

Their duties are very similar to that of a teacher, but the only difference is that they are there only for a short time. To know the exact terms and condition of their employment, read the substitute teacher job description which also states advancing opportunities for them.

Duties and responsibilities of a Substitute Teacher

The substitute teachers need qualifications as good as teacher, but they make good money. They are hired only for a specific period by a school and the terms and conditions are different in each school. They get paycheck for the number of days they teach. However, they could be working for multiple schools at a time if they can manage the time.

Qualifications Necessary in Becoming a Substitute Teacher

Growing Opportunities for a Substitute Teacher

The substitute teachers can use their experience as a substitute teacher to become a regular teacher. Many times, when the schools are happy with the performance of any substitute teacher, they hire them full time as a teacher.

The substitute teacher job description is to teach students when their teacher is absent. They teach from where the teacher has left in the curriculum, so the students do not fall behind.

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