Substitute Teacher Cover Letter

To get a satisfactory job of a substitute teacher, you must write a precise and informative substitute teacher cover letter as it will give a brief of your qualifications to the employer. This will be helpful in your selection provided the cover letter is able to answer basic queries of the employer and appeal him to know more about you.

A substitute teacher, as the name implies, works in the absence of regular teacher. Substitute teachers teach the students, monitor students' progress, assign homework and collect copies, maintain discipline in the classroom, present reports to administration and parents and assist in other classroom activities as assigned. To become a classroom teacher, you need to complete a certificate course in teaching or substitute teaching. You also need to be passionate for this profession and learn how to adjust with different students while maintaining a proper learning environment. You also need to understand that every student is blessed with different learning capacity and you need to teach him/her in an efficient manner to help him/her learn.

How to write a Substitute Teacher Cover Letter

The difference between a resume and a cover letter is that the cover letter is directly addressed to the recruiter. In this way, you directly communicate with the recruiter. Before you start writing a cover letter, follow some basic guidelines listed below:

For your convenience, we have provided a free sample of substitute teacher cover letter that further explains how you need to draft your cover letter.

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Sample Substitute Teacher Cover Letter

Anita Fernandez
490, Golden Palms Housing, Millerton Square
Memphis, Tennessee 36250
United States


Jacqueline McCoy
Human Resource Manager
Rockville Foundation High School
Memphis, Tennessee 36257

Subject: Application for the job of Substitute Teacher advertised on Teachers Employment Journal

Dear Jacqueline,

I am writing this application to tell you that I am eager to join your school as a substitute teacher. I am an experienced teacher with exposure to different classroom settings of knowledge of History, English and Political Science.

I am associated as a substitute teacher with Memphis City High School since eight years and I have been teaching students in different grades. I have been working consistently for the betterment of students by imparting quality education and by teaching moral values in the classroom. I am highly dedicated to this profession as it allows me to share my knowledge and help in making the students responsible and intelligent citizens.

As a teacher, I understand that every student is unique and it gives me immense pleasure to interact and connect with students of different age groups and cultural backgrounds. Although I maintain a personal relationship with most of the students, I make it a point to grade every student solely on their performance and not on the basis of rapport that I may share with the student.

I am sending my credentials and resume along with the application. I can provide experience certificate and reference letters during the interview. Please contact me at my telephone number or e-mail id for further communication. I express my gratitude that you took time to read my application and I look forward to receive a positive reply from your end.

Yours sincerely,
Anita Fernandez

We expect that by now you have understood how a substitute teacher cover letter needs to be prepared and how the information needs to be presented in a simple and effective format.

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