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It is natural that one would want his/her work to be rewarded with a consistent amount of money. We all need good salaries in order to be able to sustain a decent living, but if good salaries turn into really nice salaries, then we have reasons to be thrilled, as this would mean a larger house, a better car, nicer presents for the kids, a more expensive vacation etcetera. Let us take a peek at a list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in the United States. The list has been proposed by askmen.com.

Number 10: Natural Sciences Manager

These managers usually work in the research and development field and have the role of assisting and supervising a team of geologists, agriculture experts, chemists and biologists. The salary is 97,560 dollars a year, but to get there, you will need a series of university degrees and a 6-year preparation.

Number 9: Marketing Manager

For a salary of 100,020 U.S. dollars, the marketing manager will have to create, implement and evaluate marketing strategies in order to promote the company's products via the Internet and the other channels of the media. He will also be responsible of the financial aspects, having to evaluate the pros and cons of that strategy after he has seen it at work. The education requirement that we have spoken about before is valid in this case, too, so you will have to possess an MBA and even a doctorate.

Number 8: Computer and Information Systems Manager

If you want to earn 100,110 U.S. dollars a year, then you might consider being a computer and information systems manager. Your main duty will be that of taking good care of the company's information technology, while making sure that all the necessary applications are available to the employees.

Number 7: Air Traffic Controller

An air traffic controller will most likely work for the Federal Aviation Administration, and will receive an income of 100, 430 dollars a year. His role would be that of coordinating commercial airplanes, so as to ensure their safety and that of their passengers.

Number 6: Lawyer

A lawyer earns about 110,590 U.S. dollars a year, and for that he will have to represent the interests of his clients when they are involved in legal matters, like law suits.

Number 5: Dentist

Being a dentist is actually a well-directed investment, as you will be receiving 132,660 dollars a year, and, for that, you will have to put into practice everything that you have learned in the faculty years and make sure that you put a big, white smile on your clients' faces.

Number 4: Airline Pilot

For 134,090 dollars, you will have to fly airplanes full of passengers or of items that need to be transported from one place to the other.

Number 3: Engineering Manager

The engineering manager typically coordinates the production process in a company, taking care of all the technical aspects, and, for that job, he gets as much as 140,210 dollars a year.

Number 2: Chief Executive Officer

For a salary of 140,880 dollars, you will take care of a company's strategy and performance.

Lucky Number 1: Surgeon

A surgeon has a lot of responsibilities, but the salary is 181,850 dollars a year, which is not a negligible sum. His attributions are clear to everyone that is he will have to do surgeries.

This is the top ten highest paying jobs in the Unites States, and they should serve as a landmark for a young person who is choosing his or her career.

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