Authorization Letter for Representation

You have to write an authorization letter when you cannot be present at a particular place for a particular official interaction with an individual or an organization and you assign that task to someone else. You are supposed to authorize that person through the letter. Thus person dealing with the concerned organization or the individual gets the authority to apply for and sign the documents on your behalf. The organization cannot take any objection to that.

Authorization letter for representation is an important part of the official written communication. Suppose you have fixed up a meeting with your clients; but you cannot attend the meeting for some unavoidable reasons. Here you assign someone to attend the meeting and deal with the clients on your behalf. In such a case, you need to send a letter of authorization for representation. Someone else is going to represent you in the meeting and you are supposed to prove that person's authenticity so that no one should take any objection to such kind of representation.

When you write an authorization letter for representation, you have to keep in mind that you should keep the letter short, simple and precise. You have to mention the intent of your letter at the outset. The recipient will be interested in reading the names of the authorized persons. There is no need to beat around the bush. The tone of the letter should be serious. Use of formal language is a must in such a letter. There is no scope for flowery language. You are not supposed to use complex sentences or jargons here. Remember, authorization letters are written to avoid confusions or controversies. Your letter should not lead to any confusion.

Ideal Formats to Write an Authorization Letter for Representation.


I, the undersigned, claim number E52, hereby authorize Mr. James Bertrand Williams, Mr. Robert Mark Stevens and Mr. Ian Charles White to represent me in the Workers' Welfare Board Meeting. I also accept and acknowledge that this representation may involve discussions on and access to any of my claim records present on the office files.

As per the provisions of Section 172.1(2) of the Workers' Welfare Act, 1986, my representative will not be allowed to use the details contained in the office files publicly or for any reason other than the reconsideration of the previous decisions made in pursuant to the above mentioned act or in discussions over a disputable issue with the Workers' Welfare Board.

This letter will remain in effect until I personally notify the Board that I no longer wish any of the above mentioned individuals to represent me in any of the Board meetings.

- Signature

This is one of the simplest ways to draft an authorization letter for the representation. You are free to pick out some of the sentences from this letter while drafting your own authorization letter. Such a clearly drafted letter will avoid confusion and controversies in the meeting.

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