Authorization Letter to Collect Documents

Authorization letters have always been an important type of official written communication. Such letters are written in a wide range of fields today. The insurance company might need your authorization letter while handing the amount to any of your family members. Your bank might ask you for your authorization letter properly signed while giving a particular amount from your account to someone else. You might need to write such a letter to authorize some person to collect some vital documents on your behalf.

To put it simply an authorization letter is a letter to assign some other person the task of performing some official transactions or taking some legal or official decisions on your behalf. Such a letter is a proof of your permission given to the concerned organization to allow someone else to perform such tasks on your behalf. Authorization letter avoids any sort of legal complications or controversies.

There is a particular way of writing the authorization letters. There is no scope for flowery language in such a letter. You should use the simple yet formal language and put the facts in short. There shouldn't be anything in your letter that would lead to any confusion.

You need to collect some official documents and if you cannot go there on your own, you assign the task to someone whom you trust. Here you are supposed to write an authorization letter to the concerned office because the office will not trust the credibility and take the responsibility of the person who has come on your behalf. Such a letter will be necessary to avoid any complications in the official procedures. Here is one of the ideal formats to write an authorization letter to collect documents.

Sample Letter of Authorization to Collect Documents

James Holdings
57, New College Road
London- BBND 1ZZ
Contact No.: 8087437621

Whom it may concern
Office of Vital Records
London- EC3A2AD
Sub: Authorization to collect my official documents

Respected Sir/ Madam,

I, James Holdings, need my birth certificate and domicile certificate, for some official purposes. Since I am not in a position to come to your office and collect the same in person, I hereby authorize Mr. John Webster, Manager, Cummins Enterprises, to apply for and collect the duplicate copies of my above mentioned certificates currently present on file in your office. I do not have any objection for Mr. John Webster signing the documents on my behalf in my absence.

Sincerely yours,
- Signature

This is a simple and hence ideal format of drafting an authorization letter to collect the important official documents. You can use this format as it is just by changing the names as required. Such a clearly drafted letter will make the official procedure very easy for you.

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