Breakup Letter

Having pangs of depression and anger because of your lover? Spit it out on paper. Take that step of penning everything that bothers you. There is nothing wrong in expressing. Write a breakup letter and give a vent out to the frustration. The proper end will help you coming out of the void. There is no need to be brutal and rude. Explain in a friendly tone without getting emotional and let your lover know that you are not desperate. Maintain decency and be slightly authoritative in explaining about the failure of your expectations. Wish the person luck, and break on a god and an absolute note. Live your life and enjoy every moment. Get the desired result and cheers. Gone are the days when letters were awaited. They have been successfully replaced by e- mail, SMS and phone calls. Letters carry a magical element in them. Be it a love letter or a break up letter.

Every word written gives the letter the personal touch.

To fall in love might be easy but the fall of breaking up is difficult. If you are planning to write a letter to the person with whom you are breaking up, there are some things which must be observed.

  • Whatever may be the reason of break up; there must have been moments which you must have cherished. Start the letter with the memories of those nice and tender moments. Write about the good things that you have experienced being in the relationship.
  • Every relation teaches us something. Do mention about the positive points of your relationship. Here you can mention about some of your disappointments. May be you can mention about what you expected from the relation and what you could get.
  • When two people commit to each other, expectations play an important role in molding the relation. Mention clearly how the other person has failed to fulfill the expectations. Do not be very rude and never be very kind hearted.
  • You can include a quote in your letter. Do this only when you are well aware of the disposition of the other person.

Breakup letter is needed to end the relationship properly. The entire process of breaking up may take some time to sink in. Writing a break up letter will help you in coming out of the feeling of emptiness. Some additional points which are of your benefit while writing a break up letter are:

  • Avoid sounding desperate, lost and devastated
  • Keep the letter short
  • Even if you have never honest in the relationship, while writing a break up letter be 100 % honest
  • Do not use abusive language. Keep the blame game far away
  • Use a friendly tone.
  • It will be better if you give the letter in person
  • Do not be sarcastic. The break up is equally difficult for the other person also.

Well, break up letters are not always used to have a proper break up. Many a time, it is written just to tell the other person the importance of the relationship. Mostly, we do not understand the importance of anything unless we lose it. A breakup letter might act as a dose of realization and may save your relationship. In such a case do not ever use bad, harsh, rude or indifferent language. Emotional hits would do the best job for you.

Though we have provided tips for writing break up letter, we sincerely wish that such a grave thing dose not happen to you. Breaking up dose not solve anything. If it is inevitable, we wish you luck and pray that you get all the strength to cope up with it.

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