Credit Card Cancellation Letter Sample

If you are not happy with the service of the bank or just want to cut down expenses arising from the use of a credit card, you can close or cancel it by making a formal communication with the bank. However, ensure that you have cleared all the payments made with the credit card before canceling it. You may speak to the customer care and specify your intention about closing or canceling the card. But most probably, you will asked to mail a credit card card cancellation letter. Therefore, you must be able to draft the letter. All you need is to use a business letter format and provide a valid, but brief reason for canceling the credit card. Whether you are happy or unhappy with the service of the bank, the tone of the letter has to be polite and friendly.

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September 19, 2019


Michael S. Merritt, Manager
ATC Bank
1570 Courtright Street
Concord, CA 94522

Subject: Application for canceling credit card

Dear Merritt,

I hold a saving account with your bank. Last year, the credit card department of your bank offered me a platinum credit card bearing this number 4892 xxxx xxxx 7845. I was happy using it and paying the bills on the due date. But recently, I found that my son steals and uses it for partying with his friends. Though he returns the card after the use, but never contributes to settling the bills. This has added an extra burden on me, and my expenses have increased. So to control it, I want to request you to cancel my credit card.

I have cleared all the dues made with this card till date. As per my knowledge, there are no any charges remaining that I am liable for. In case of any details needed, please contact me at the registered mobile number with your bank.

I request you do the needful at the earliest, and send me a confirmation letter about my credit card being closed or canceled.

Thanking you,


Warner A. Kenney

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