How to Write a Cancelation Letter

A cancelation letter is written to cancel an order, reservation, bookings, etc. Many organizations need a written document informing cancelations of your plans. This type of letter serves the purpose. In the letter, you have to directly mention in the very first line that your plans have been canceled. You have to give reason of cancelation and assure that the service is really good. You have to let the other party know that if you will get back to them once you require the service. This will help you in maintaining your relations.

Your organization had booked a conference hall of a hotel for a meeting but later your company changed the plans, and then you have to write this type of letter to manager of hotel about the cancelation. You and your spouse had made reservations for a holiday package but you cannot make it due to work in office then you have to write a letter to travel agency for cancelation of your package. A cancelation letter is written for professional as well as personal purpose.

The letter should use a positive and soft tone. Nowhere should the reader feel that you were not happy with the service so you are canceling. The letter has to be short and concise. Your letter should firmly state the reason of cancelation. The language used in the letter has to be formal as you are writing a professional letter.

Here are some points that will help you in drafting a cancelation letter:

  • The letter has to be printed on company's letter head if it used for professional purposes.
  • The letter should begin with the name and contact addresses of receiver as well as sender.
  • The letter should address a specific person from the company. Use the word "Dear" followed by the name of the person to begin the letter.
  • The letter should give the reason of cancelation of your hotel booking, flight booking, reservations for a tour etc.
  • Make sure that you have a valid reason, which can be easily understood by the other party
  • The main idea of the letter has to be clear and complete. The details like date, ticket number, and destination of traveling have to be mentioned.
  • End the letter with a complimentary close using phrases like thanking you, yours sincerely etc. That has to be followed by the sender's name and signature.
  • Use a professional font and readable font size.
  • The letter has to be flawless and typed on good quality paper.
  • Proofread the letter before sending it to the receiver as a letter gives picture about your company and you. It can help in brand building.

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