Endorsement Letter

Planning to sign a sport star for the promotion of your product? Be ready with an endorsement letter which is written in a formal language and format. As the addressee of these letters is much known, any mistake from your side can ruin the chance of the contract. Be very professional while mentioning the terms and conditions. Do not leave any end in the letter lose. Avoid being obscure.

A small word game can also change the meaning of the letter. Be very careful in choosing words. Your letter of endorsement should be used for the promotion of the product which is mentioned in the letter. Any addition may cause legal complications. Be very specific before signing or issuing any endorsement letter. The validity should also be mentioned clearly.

Endorsement letters are typically provided to athletes who are working with advertising, marketing or PR firms in order to promote a product or service. The endorsement letters are very professional when the language is concerned.

Let us have a look at some points which are to be taken care of without fail in order to write an endorsement letter.

  • The date and the parties should be clearly defined. In the first paragraph of the endorsement letter, the date of effects should be written. The names and the address of the parties involved should also be written.

  • There should be 'recitals' section. I this following should be included.
    1. the party that wishes to acquire the right to use the name, likeness and endorsement of the person
    2. that fact that both the parties wish to enter into and agreement
    3. whether the contract will be used for commercial purposes

  • The terms of the agreement should be well defined. The period of contract, the year of contract, the territory of contract and the subject identification should be clearly mentioned.

  • All the exclusive and non exclusive rights should be mentioned in an endorsement letter. The specifications of the ownership of certain things like logos, signatures, photographs should be mentioned under 'subject identification'.

  • The details about further endorsement relationships should be given. This statement will indicate that both the parties agree to act in good faith and not be involved in any activities due which the terms of the endorsement need to be breached.

  • Payment schedules and terms should be explained. The identification of the mode of payment is necessary. Also the terms and laws in case of overdue payment should also be notified.

  • It is important to list specific endorsement services and personal appearance requirements. The information about reimbursement should be provided additionally.

  • Specify cooperation guidelines. This section will indicate if the subject is allowed to work with other clients.

  • A very important step is that the confidentiality agreement or statement should be included in a endorsement letter. Whether they have any right to disclose the information to the third party, will be included in this.

  • The termination guidelines should be explained in an endorsement letter. This section may include information about the insurance policies if there is a death of the subject during the term of an agreement.

  • Arbitration proceedings should be written which will explain that at the time of disputes or differences both the parties can lead to a lawsuit in order to settle the differences.

Include a signature with a date to complete the endorsement letter.

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