Sample Endorsement Letter for Scholarship

Writing an endorsement letter for scholarship is common among teachers and it may happen that you may be asked to write one when you do not have much time to spare. In such a situation take the help of the sample endorsement letter for scholarship to make your job a little easy as well as worth. This is a huge responsibility and getting everything right is really important. Sometimes it can get worst, especially when you have to figure out who is the best and suited for the scholarship.

Get some ideas from the samples endorsement letter and make your letter effective. If you teach a large number of students, you may have the opportunity to know each and every student individually which can make writing these endorsement letters a lot easier. The main thing you need to note down that the letter should be informative as this will increase their chances of winning college scholarships.

As said earlier these letters are from the candidate supervisor such as teachers and should mainly:

Sample letter 1


Recipient's address:

Dear Scholarship Selection Committee,

As a teacher, I have had the pleasure of knowing (candidate's name) since the past five years. He/she has been an outstanding student since his childhood. I strongly recommend him/her name for the scholarship award.

I am sure that (candidate's name) will continue succeed in his studies and make us all proud. He/she is a dedicated student and his grades has been outstanding consistently exemplary. He/she has always shown great initiative and diligence to develop intelligent plans and implement successfully.

He/she also demonstrated admirable leadership qualities and skills in most of the group activities conducted in the class. Many of his/her juniors have come to seek his advice and many of them have shared with me their appreciation of his encouraging and pleasant attitude.

For all these reasons, I highly recommend (candidate's name).

Because of his/her drive to succeed, proven abilities and impressive academic achievements, (candidate's name) is one worthy candidate for the scholarship. If you have any queries regarding (candidate's name)'s character or achievements, please contact me.


Yours name.

Another sample for an endorsement letter for scholarship to give you a better idea is given below:

Sample Letter 2


Recipient's address

Dear Sir, I am pleased to nominate (endorsee's name) for (name of the program or for the scholarship he or she has applied). (Endorsee's name) has been an outstanding trainee in this department for (insert the number of years). During this time he/she has proved to be a great competent and dedicated person whose proficiency and initiative serve the whole department and fellow students.

(Endorsee's name) and I have reviewed all what is needed to deserve the scholarship carefully and agree that he/she will benefit most from it in areas of his/her future studies. I am convinced that he/she will promote her career development and I look forward to support his/her efforts.

Very truly yours,

- (Your full name)

In summary, the points that you need to take care of while writing the endorsement letter are:

These are some of the popular sample endorsement letters of scholarship. These letters are effective and help your student get scholarship for his or her future studies.

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