Political Endorsement Letter

The political endorsements are made to reach out to voters for a variety of reasons. The goal of such letters may not necessarily be to convince the readers to vote for a particular candidate, but rather make strong arguments which are in favor of the candidate's position and qualifications. While endorsing a politician and stating your opinion, always be backed by proper and careful research and clearly state the facts. Get a clear picture of how to write such letters with the help of this political endorsement letter sample.

Instructions for political endorsement letters:

Political Endorsement Letter Sample

Dear [name of recipient]:

I hereby endorse Mr. (name of the candidate) as the candidate for the party (name for which the candidate is being endorsed for). The main goal and aim of the (name of the candidate) is (insert the mission, purpose, and number of members he is leading).

For example: you can write The main goal and aim of the (name of the candidate) is to ask you to pledge to include the prevention and end of homelessness among your public policy priorities, if elected to public office. As evidence of this pledge, we seek your endorsement of the Five Fundamentals to prevent and End Homelessness, a statement of principles issued in 2007 by an assembly of nonprofit organizations concerned with homelessness.

Mass homelessness in the U.S. has become a national shame. It has been estimated that about 3.5 million Americans are homeless in a given year (find out the exact number and insert here) about 1.35 million of these individuals are innocent children. And many of the homeless people are veterans. These are the people who are likely than others to receive health and mental health care they need, which results in a life expectancy of about thirty years less than the rest of the general population. Few of these homeless adults are working, but their incomes are insufficient to meet the basic necessities. Most of the homeless children and youth do not graduate from their high school. And it is estimated that about 92 percent of the homeless women have experienced severe physical or sexual abuse at least once. And these are the people who are vulnerable to hate crimes and violence, these grim lists of statistics can be continued.

Failure of government at many levels to ensure the social and economic conditions, are solely to be blamed for Mass homelessness. Each American has the right to secure basic human needs, and that includes health care, a source of income, a safe and permanent, affordable place to live.

This issue is neither inevitable nor intractable. With that in mind, [name of candidate] has joined with an assembly of nonprofit organizations concerned with homelessness and declared five fundamental principles:

Together, we can end mass homelessness in the United States. We look forward to make (name of the candidate) as the leader so that we can all act on these principles.


The above political endorsement letter sample can help you to write just make sure you have all the correct detail about the concerned person you plan to endorse.

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