How to Write a Farewell Letter?

A farewell letter is written to bid good bye to an individual who is retiring, changing job etc. A person who moves from the organization writes farewell letter to express his gratitude towards the people in the organization. A farewell letter is a good gesture and spreads happiness in the office. This type of letter is usually written in the last week of working in the organization. The farewell letter is used as a medium to describe the time that you spend in the company. This letter describes the happy moments, how you handled challenging situations, and the relationships that you build in work place. This letter should be precise. The letter should use a soft and polite tone.

You write a letter to convey your feelings to your colleagues and superiors. You have to thank them for their support and guidance, which has helped you in your tenure in the organization. Your future plans are described in this type of letter. This sort of letter helps you in describing the things that you are going to miss after retiring or changing the job.

Here are some suggestions that will help you in writing a farewell letter:

  • Make sure whether you are addressing the letter to a specific person or all your colleagues. Decide about it before you start writing the letter.
  • Even if you have a heavy heart, always begin the farewell letter on a positive note. The letter should describe the good time you spend in the organization.
  • The letter should begin with date and the name and address of the sender as well as the receiver. Begin the letter with salutation. A word like "Dear" followed by recipient's name.
  • The first paragraph announces your decision of retiring or changing the job. The main body of the letter should describe your gratitude towards the colleagues and superiors who supported and guided you in the organization.
  • You can describe the unforgettable moments that you had in the organization. You can remind your colleagues about those.
  • In the last part of the letter, you can describe your future plans and the things that you would miss post retirement.
  • You should end the letter with best wishes to all and close the letter with complimentary closure followed by your signature and name.
  • The letter should be printed on good quality paper.
  • The letter should be flawless and legible.
  • Proofread the letter thoroughly before dispatching it.

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