Friendship Letters

These days, people are getting busier than ever and people seem to work for longer hours and spend less time with their friends. If you can give your friends these friendship letters it will show how much you care for them and what they mean for you. These letters are personal and it is here where you can simply state your experience and also ask for your friend's experience. If you write the letter with simple words you can create a strong impact on your friends and this can be transformed into a great memoir that will always be treasured.

These letters can be a casual greeting and simply contain the well being of your friends. A nice letter can pave ways for exchange of more similar letters in the future. The only thing you need to do is keep the letter short and yet it should be personal too.

Friendship is one of the most treasured relationships in our life. Although this is a time of internet, email and SMS, friendship letters can be nice medium to convey your thoughts and feelings and stay connected with your dear friends.

These letters are good way to keep in touch with your old and new friends. However, these days' cryptic communications and instant messages may be common but writing friendship letters can be one of the best and sincere ways to sustain friendship.

In the letter you can express your emotions and gratitude of having such a friend like him or her. There are endless ways such as quotes for friendship or friendship poems to thank your friends. One of these simple ways is through letters of friendship.

These letters can be written for making a new friend or for someone you already know. The letter is basically an informal letter and hence the best way you can write it is handwritten. This will give a more of personal touch.

Make sure your letter is warm and caring but not dramatic. Some adjective you use should indicate care, happiness, warmth and care. Most of the letters may suggest you to write the full name and address of the recipient but this is not very important because the letter will be written with the friend's first name only. Make sure you reflect life and enthusiasm while writing the letter and that there is always the "feel good factor" intact with your letter.

Always keep in mind that while writing the letter the language or the tone of the letter should be casual. This can be started off with a casual greeting and while your friend reads it, it should appear as if you are "talking" to him or her.

You can also share what is happening with your life and what are your plans for the future. And do remember that whatever you share with your friend should depend on your friendship level that you both share. The intimacy level that exists between you two will decide the contents of the letter.

Some do's and don'ts in friendship letters

  • You can choose a nice letter pad to write the letters and avoid using school notes.

  • The letter should directly be addressed to the person concerned or to whom it is being written to.

  • You can also play with the fonts of the letter as it is an informal letter, however, hand written is a better option.

  • You can start with a light note and proceed to a comic note and finally add an emotion touch towards its end.

  • Don't forget to thank your friend for being there for you whenever you wanted.

  • Avoid writing something that may suggest anything more than friendship. This may probably jeopardize the relationship.

These are some ways how you can write friendship letters and make your bonding stronger!

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