Insurance Claim Letter

What Is an Insurance Claim Letter

An insurance claim letter is a written document by the claimant to inform the company in order to claim for a compensation for any damage happened, whether in partial or complete, to the insured. It is generally written by the claimant or the insured. But in some cases, when the insured is dead, the beneficiary of the policy writes it. Based on the type of insurance policy one holds, it could be written to claim compensation for damage caused to a vehicle due to accident, a property destroyed by fire or natural calamity such as hurricane or storm, medical expenses being paid, or in case of the death of the insured.

Tips to Write an Insurance Claim Letter

The claimant has to write the letter immediately after the damage to the asset or property, provided the nature of the damage is covered in the policy. The letter needs to furnish information about the extent of damage, the date on which it happened, and where it happened. It must also mention the claim amount in figure along with the policy number with supporting documents. For example, if money is being paid for the repair of a damaged car, the garage bill, including repair details are to be attached and referred to in the letter.

If the letter is written by the beneficiary of the insurance policy in case of a death of loved one, then a death certificate of the insured has to be attached. In addition, It must mention the date of death, policy number, and sum of money the deceased was insured for by the company. Most importantly, it has to be written courteously and respectfully. It must also indicate a willingness to assist the company with any more details required by the company for claim processing.

Insurance Claim Letter Sample

This sample letter is given to help claimants to inform the life insurance company about the death of the insured, and claim the amount as a beneficiary of the insurance policy.


Beth N. Nixon
2550 Wescam Court
Reno, NV 89501
Phone: 775-845-8754

September 10, 2019


Jim E. Benedict, Claims Manager

Prudent Insurance Company
2185 Scenic Way
Reno, NV 89504

Subject: Claim Letter

Dear Mr. Benedict,

I, Beth N. Nixon, am writing this claim letter to inform you about the death of my father, Walter A. Nixon, who passed away on September 5, 2019 due to a car accident that occurred at the state highway number 57 at 5:00 pm. He was insured for a sum of $30,000.00 through your company. His policy number is xxxx-xxx-xxx. Since I was listed as the sole beneficiary of the policy, I am requesting you to release a check of the insured amount.

As you know, no amount of compensation or relief can bring back my father, I am asking for the claimed amount to meet the funeral and other expenses. The claim amount can be mailed to my residential address at 2550 Wescam Court.

I have attached an accident report copy filed with the police along with the details of treatment provided by Angel Hospital where he was rushed for treatment, his death certificate, and his obituary for your review. The reason my father took your insurance policy is because of the amazing claim settlement percentage that your company holds. By settling the claim amount for my father's death, you can stick to your reputation and encourage more people like my father to get insured through your company.

I am ready to cooperate and assist you in the claim settlement procedures and will be happy to answer any further questions as well as furnish any details you need. I am reachable on my cellular phone anytime of the day. If there are any papers that I need to sign, please inform me. I can come to your office at your convenient time.


Beth N. Nixon

Attachment: a) Death Certificate
b) Accident report copy
c) Obituary
d) Photocopy of insurance policy

While we wish nobody gets to write an insurance claim letter, especially in case of the death of loved one, we never know how the time will react and force us to do so. Therefore, having knowledge on how to write an insurance claim letter is a good way to cope with expenses arising after the death of loved one.

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