Letters of Support

A letter of support is one of the deciding factors to approve your grant proposal, loan application or accept your job application. The primary goal of this letter is to convince the reader for supporting your thought or idea or accepting your proposal. A perfect letter of support needs to be written considering some important aspects.

These aspects include the evaluator of your proposal, purpose of your writing the letter and the strengths of your application or proposal.

A perfect letter of support serves the following goals:

  • You must write your letter according to the evaluator of your proposal. The evaluator can be a HR manager, banker or any grant committee who will review your proposal. Hence, your letter should contain the specific details that will satisfy the evaluator.
  • When an evaluator is finalized, you must find the ways to influence the evaluator. A letter of support can be a good option for this purpose. You must recognize the points that are important to the evaluator.
  • Customize the content of your letter of support as per the evaluator. If you are writing for a job application, you must provide specific details that will make your resume unique in hundreds of other resumes. You can customize your resume or project as per the need to job or the evaluator's interest. Many candidates fail to impress the employer because they don't customize their resumes and letter of support as the hiring manager.
  • If you are writing to support your job application, you must correlate the job description with your strengths. You can highlight how you are a perfect candidate for which you are applying. This can convince the reader to accept your proposal.
  • Your letter of support should emphasize your goals and vision, company's target or your strategy that will be helpful for the readers.
  • Letters of support show that how the approval of your proposal will allow you to work together to complete specific tasks.
  • If you are writing to support any grant proposal for social welfare, mention how you will utilize that opportunity. Provide your solutions for the problems that can be solved only after the approval of your proposal.
  • Discuss how you can be a good company by partnering with an existing agency. This will help you when you are writing to support your partnership proposal.
  • A letter of support also plays an important role when you support a group of people for a noble purpose or social welfare. In these types of cases, your present your point of view clearly and let the readers understand that you can solve the problem effectively.

You must remember that letter of support is a part of your proposal. Your proposal will be assessed and accepted by the reviewers only after you have proved that your proposal or application is appropriate for the current conditions.

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