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Love letter will always hold a special place among all the love birds be it on Valentine's Day or any other day. These letters will always have a unique flavor and be more personal than any other love texts send via your cell phones or emails as these letters are written by your love. While writing a love letter you should be sure that they express your thoughts and feelings for your sweetheart. Get some ideas and tips here and write one of the fabulous letters for your lover.

These letters are timeless and will always be one of the classic ways to express your emotions and sentiments to your lover. The traditional love letters have a quill-and-parchment, mailed with a stamp and sealed with a kiss. This can be some old ways to write and decorate the letters but will surely help you to enamored swoon and surprise your lover.

What can be better than getting love letters from someone you love and have always dreamed of getting something special such as letters. Although now is the time of sending and expressing your feelings via electronic version which are much simpler, easy and faster of sending your messages, but nevertheless it is more important to get it then not getting it be it early or late.

Well being romantic at heart is something that is preferred by all but you can add a special touch to your relationship and make him or her feel happier with these letters.

A traditional love letter written on a classic paper can give an elegant written look to your letters. This will give your reader a thought whether he or she feels the same way for you and might write back or just give a second thought.

Types of love letters

The format of the love letter is also important if you want to give a lasting impression. Most of the people these days prefer sending an email or a simple fast text message. However, the most important thing about the letters is that they are hand written, can be preserved for a life time and are straight from one's heart.

Time frame

You may question as how does one know when is the right time for writing down these letters? Your letter will have meaning if it corresponds to your feelings and the words used in the letter are appropriate.

Tips for writing romantic letters

These letters are special and read and re-read a number of times and this could be one reason as to why you can write these letters. Writing love letters is not a difficult task.

Follow some simple things when you plan to write one.

  • The letter should be sincere, honest and an earnest way to express your feeling. If your letter is honest I am sure you will make an impact.

  • To start with the opening lines are very important as this will help to set the tone of the letter.

  • To set the tone, it depends on the level of intimacy that you share with each other. This will help you decide how you address him or her and also to sign off your letter.

  • The length and content of the letter depends on what you intend to write and what you want to express and say.

  • You should re-iterate it with positive things that you see in your lover or partner and the good times you shared together.

Love letters are very personal and the best and effective way to write them is by following the tips given below.

  • Use a white or cream color paper and use black or brown color ink to write your love letter.

  • Make sure you mention and specify date as the letter is treasured and remembered.

  • Use enduring salutation such as "My dearest" or "my love" or "my darling."

  • At the beginning you can mention the reasons of writing the letter as well.

These letters can be a great way to take an opportunity to tell someone about your emotions and sentiments. And yes your love letters need not be very well written as long as long as they are heartfelt.

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