Marketing Letter of Recommendation

Marketing letter is essential for every business to understand some of the vital key strategies that will employ in order to lead the market place. The letter is also referred to as document, is meant to compel customers to go for some products and services the company is offering. Marketing letter of recommendation is first step to garner new clients or may be introducing new products to the current associates.

The letter will speak on your behalf and if it is a good marketing letter, then it will determine how successful the business is going to be. The main idea for writing such type of letters is that it should be short- a one page letter is enough to create the necessary impact.

Marketing letters are supposed to promote a new business which will help the organizations to get feedback to rate the particular product. If in some conditions the sale graph falls, the concerned company will take up decision to hype the product. Hence, this is a reason that has classified them as a type of formal letters.

There are some simple tips and strategies to write successful marketing letters.

The marketing letter of recommendation could also be referring someone from your company for a new company. You may be asked to write a letter for someone who may be seeking a job in the field of marketing.

Example of a Marketing Recommendation Letter

To whomever it may concern:

This letter serves as an official recommendation letter for Mr. XXXX. I have been his marketing supervisor for many years. I found him hardworking, diligent and pleasant. He was always dedicated to his work and could always finish his work on time despite the work pressure. He is also approachable and fun to work with.

Mr. XXXX had made many contributions to the marketing efforts and because of his talent and creativity, the sales and the profit exceeded considerably. He is one of the best marketing associate who had outstanding leadership skills which are an exceptional talent in sales.

I highly recommend Mr. XXXX for employment at your company as he is an extraordinary person with a high potential that can make great contribution to your sales as well. If you do have any questions in this regard, please do not hesitate to write to use. You may also visit the company website for further details.


(Your full name)

Marketing Supervisor

WWW Company

Another recommendation letter could be like the one given below

To whomever it may concern:

It is a great pleasure to recommend Danny, who is a part of a multilevel marketing chain of the direct selling agent, "Company's name." he has been struggling financially for a while and (Company's name) has given him a new hope. However, he needs the support and patronage of all of you to really work well.

The product of the company is all about (here you explain about the company and the products):

Loving regards,
Your name

This is how you can write a marketing letter of recommendation and prepare an effective letter that will help your business.

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