Order Letter Examples

An order letter is the one that is written by a company or the person concerned who are supposed to place the request of purchase from another company. The letter is written after doing careful research about the desired product or service.

Order letter examples will help you provide a clear picture as how these letters should be.

Another term you need to know in the order letters is the term, "Order" which is an expense for the person placing the order and an income for the one getting it. But this is not everything the company needs to know, in fact there are lot of commitments that has to be ensured to satisfy the customer who can be an individual or another company.

The order letter comprises of the order, the quality of the delivery and after sale service.

Order letter should come into action only when a detailed study has been made of the desired product which has been done in the market and based on this promised service, price and quality, the decision is made for the purchase.

Before you draft the letter, you have to make sure that it pens down all the terms and conditions of the purchase for the benefit of both the involved parties. This should have details about the product specification, the quantities and the price agreed on. In addition to this it should also have the delivery date, late delivery clauses. The letter should be addressed to the person responsible who will carry out the execution of the order with the copy of the head of the department.

Below is an example for an order letter which will explain you about how to write these letters.

The recipient's address:
Dear Mr. / Mrs. ZZZZ
This letter is a formal confirmation about the verbal order that we had discussed earlier on (insert the date). I just wanted you to confirm the acceptance that was communicated to you on the said date. As you note, there is an enclosed copy of the purchased order including the terms and all other included conditions of the deal.

We shall expect the delivery of the merchandise on or before the expected date. Unless if there is an objection within the (period of grace) of your receipt of the order.

Thank you,
(Your name)

Another example of order letters that can be used as a template is given below.


From: (insert your name and address here)

To: (insert the name and address of the recipient)

Subject: order placement

Dear Mr. / Mrs. (name of the reader)

This letter is with reference to the meeting that took place when we visited your factory for purchasing school uniform for our school.

We are glad to inform that we would like to order 200 uniforms which include 80 small sized, 75 medium sized and 45 large sized for our students. We will appreciate if the order can be delivered to our address at the latest (insert the date). Please, note that 100 % of the payment will be made after the delivery. If the order is not made on the said date, then please consider it to be canceled. The price of a uniform is $ (insert amount) as it was agreed during the meeting.

Please, review the letter and if you have any objections or any recommendations or suggestion, please contact me. We hope for long term cooperation with you.


(Insert your name)

As you have seen in these examples of order letters, you have to always include the terms and conditions agreed by both the parties. As these letters are official letters, the best way to write them is to type them. Some other tips that you can keep in mind while writing order letters are:

Another short and simple order letter example is given below:

From: (insert your address)

To: (recipient's address)

Dear Mr. / Mrs. XXXX

Thank you for sending the catalog so promptly. It arrived really quickly within two days of my request. Please send the following items by parcel post as soon as possible.

(Insert the list of items along with the number of items required and the price for each of them) I am enclosing a money order of (insert the amount). If there are any additional charges, please let me know.

Please mail me the books to the address that is given above.

Thank you,

(Your full name)

These order letter examples give you the necessary tips and instructions to write such articles. Hence, it is important to get these letters drafted properly as little carelessness may result in a loss of customers or their good will.

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