Order Letters

Letters dealing with payments and orders on products or merchandise of business activity are called order letters. The document confirms the seller that the customer requires a particular number of products within a specified time. Writing these letters depends on the situation and the condition of the business. Before writing the letter, you need to select the right words and phrase them correctly. If your letters are not exact cordial and tactful, you may lose your customers and their good will.

In the letter, you should be definite and complete so that the reader feels exactly what the writer wishes for.

If your letter is incomplete and has errors then this may result in complicated billing and loss of business. Hence, be extra careful writing it and always proof read. These letters are important from business point of view as it initiates the purchase and encourage sales.

Order letters are also known as purchase order or PO. This usually begins with a paper trial of a particular purchase. The main objective of such letters is that they should vendor with the detail instructions to fulfill an order. The advantage of writing these letters is that they also serve as the legal record from the transaction end. Hence, this must be properly and carefully written.

While writing order letters, you need to be clear and concise with your intentions. This is because the reader will fill the order according to the instructions written on the letter and your satisfaction will solely depend on your accuracy. Hence giving the right detail is one crucial part of the letter.

You have to include information that has to cater to the order in this letter. The vendor does not need to know anything else besides placing the order. The only thing that the vendor wants to know is when you need the order to be delivered at your desired place and how you intend to pay the bill.

Sample Order Letter

A sample order letter is given below which will explain what is needed while writing an order letter.

May 5, 2006
Mrs. Linda Ramos
IGM marketing,
Angeles city

Dear Mrs. Ramos,
Please send me the following goods by parcel from your April catalogue immediately:
1 piece bathing suit, cream and blue, size 31, No H61- $ 70.00
2 pairs of white canvas shoes, size 4, B width- $ 50.00
1 black sweater, round neck, size 28, no B22- $ 52.00
Please send the above materials within a week. I have enclosed a check of 100$ as advance for the order.

The remaining payment will be made after I get my order.

Yours truly,
Gwenn Harry

Some do's and don'ts while writing an order or purchase order letter:

  • This type of letter should be written as soon as the decision on a particular product has been made.

  • You should give enough time after the order is placed to the vendor to execute the order

  • The letter should indicate the product code or an item number and also the size and the number of quantities being ordered.

  • Mention clearly the date when the order letter is generated as this is will identify the time when the order is being placed.

  • If the order is placed by the company then it is necessary to follow the purchase order format.

  • Also indicate when you would like to get the order in the letter.

  • You also need to mention the mode of delivery material in the letter.

  • With the order letter, you should also carry the mode of payment you intend to follow for the order.

  • You should also write down the address and any landmark that is close to your address. This will help the vendor to locate your address and hence, deliver your material in proper time.

  • You need to give the details of the costing and also include the taxes so that there is no confusion later on while making the payment in your letter.

  • The company's or dealer's name should clearly be written so that there is no miscommunication of the details.

  • Lastly make sure that you do not make any grammatical and punctuation mistakes in the letter.

Remember that these order letters should be typed bearing the personal signature of the person placing the order.

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