Thank You for Order Letter

It is good business etiquette to send a thank you letter. There may be circumstances when new clients are referred by one of the existing clients or customers. In such a case, it is always good to send the client or a customer a thank you letter.

Also it is good to send such letter after an order is dispatched or received. This is not only a polite gesture something that show respect to the client but is an opportunity to show your future clients that there is a good possibility of written communication.

This may regarded as a unique marketing strategy to increase the sales and other related conversions. Like in many business you may have notice that more people inquire about the product or the service than they actually make the order.

Nevertheless, you can convert these inquiries to sales and here is one such great technique that many business are opting for.

Samples of Thank You for Order Letter

Dear (name of the client),

I wanted to thank you for your interest in (insert the name of the product or the service offered).

I enjoyed the conversation we had the other day and hope I was able to answer all your questions that you had in your mind.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other queries.

I am also attaching a little gift for you, a (insert the name of the gift), it has my phone number along with the website address. So this will help you to find me and you can easily contact me again in the future.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

(Your name)

A customer thank you order letter can be a real advantage over your competitors. A routine automated voice mail and email messages of thank you letters may be something common in many business. These mails get really less noticed. However, writing a handwritten thank you note can actually help you get customer's attention. These letters will help you make more personal connection with them. This will ultimately lead to increase business and referrals.

An Example Of "Thank You for Your Purchase Order"

Dear Mr. Gere

We appreciate the recent order for the (insert the name of the product).

We value your trust in our company and we will do our best to meet your service expectations. We assure you with (include the product specs), your (name of products) will help to increase the productivity of your staff.

Your purchase also includes (which may be the warranty of the product) if a problem arise.

Thanks again, for your order and if you have any queries please contact and do not hesitate to call me.


(Your name)

You can have a look on the following sample for thank you order letter format.


Dear Sir, (or Madam),

Thank you for your order for (Insert the name of the item) that was advertised in the (name of the newspaper or magazine) on (insert the date when it was advertised).

Unfortunately we are not able to set up for C.O.D orders. Therefore, please send the check or the money order. The price of the item and the product number is (Insert the correct info here)

Meanwhile, we are holding your order aside with the necessary instructions to rush the shipment as soon as we receive the payment you were suppose to give.

Truly yours,
(Your name)
(Your job title)

Tips for writing thank you letters:

Another sample for a thank you letter for an order is given below:



Dear Mr. John Thomson,

Thank you for placing an order with us and choosing a wall picture to decorate our nursery. We would like to remind that our product does not use any harmful materials which may exhume poisonous gas and can harmful the children. We really appreciate for choosing our product and assure that you will never any complaint.

Your order will be delivered in four working days as discussed earlier. Our delivery team shall get in touch with you and reconfirm the delivery location in the next 24 hours. We also have an email id (mention email id), in case you would like to contact us or send any feedbacks. Please contact and update us if in any case we need to send to some other mail id. It has been great doing business with you and we hope to continue the acquaintance.

Thank you once again,


Josephine Scott

(Sales manager)

Thank you for order letters is a nice gesture to show your customers and this may eventually help you in the long run of marketing.

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