Best Formal Sample Congratulations Letter for Winning an Award

Wining an award is indeed a remarkable achievement. When someone wins an award in some competition or when he/she is felicitated for some noteworthy work, you as a sensitive person must take a note of it.

I think a congratulations letter written to the winner is a nice way to extend your wishes to him/her. Such a letter proves to be an encouragement to the winner for future achievements.

Many times social organizations or the NGOs write a congratulations letter to recognize the achievement of a person. The companies and the institutions too have to write congratulations letters to the staff members or the celebrated person achieving something special.

Such letters are formal or professional congratulations letters. I cannot say there is a fixed format for such a letters. However, such letters are a bit more difficult to write than the informal family letters.

The selection of words is very important here as you have to use formal and professional language throughout the letter.

Such letters should short. The tone should be pleasant. The intent of the letter will be to congratulate the winner on his achievement and extend wishes for his/her future. You are supposed to come to the point at the outset.

Suppose you as a president of some social organization are writing a congratulations letter to a veteran social worker who has recent won an award for his exemplary work for society. Here the recipient is not your friend or relative.

Since you are writing to an elderly person, your respect for the recipient should be evident in the letter.

Here follows a sample of a formal congratulations letter written to a renowned social worker on his winning the 'Beacon Light Award' for the year 2011 for his selfless service to society. This is just a format and not the only way to write such a letter.

Congratulations Letter for Winning an Award Sample

James Anderson
Pheonix Social Organization
23/45 Wordsworth Road
London-BBDD 1ZZ

Mr. Michael Hopes

Founder President
"Helping Hand"
London- CCMM 3LL

Respected Sir,

This is to congratulate you on your winning the 'Beacon Light Award' for the year 2011 for your relentless and selfless service to society. Let me congratulate you personally as well as on behalf of all the committee members and volunteers at the very outset!

Sir, the entire country knows you as a selfless social worker and a great reformer. The country has witnessed how you elbowed your way through all hardships and worked for the destitute, the needy and the poor. You really have been the beacon light for all those who want to follow your footsteps. The NGOs founded by you in various parts of the country are famous for their exemplary social service. These organizations have set new standards in the field of social work and this has been possible only because of your able guidance.

Sir, you have been working for the last three decades and proved that if people want to bring about the social change they can do so. We the workers of the later generations have been listening to your speeches, observing your methods and learning a lot. You have always been our ideal.

The 'Beacon Light Award' is a note taken by the society of your earnest efforts for the betterment of the society. I think you getting this award this year is the honor of this honor in a true sense. We hope we too do something worthwhile taking some inspiration from your work. We look forward to avail of your invaluable guidance in the coming future.

Once again hearty congratulations!

Sincerely yours,
James Anderson

Pheonix Social Organization

This is one of the ways to write a formal congratulations letter for winning an award. The letter above will definitely prove a great help to you while you draft your formal congratulations letter. You are even free to pick up some of the sentences from the above letter.

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