How to Write a Congratulation Letter

A congratulation letter is used for praising a person on his success. This letter is a great gesture to maintain personal as well as professional relationships. Through this letter, one can talk about the exemplary qualities that helped a person to achieve his/her goals in life. Such a letter makes the recipient proud of his/her success. The letter should be full of enthusiasm and happiness. The letter has to tell how much happy you are on hearing the news of their success.

You need to congratulate a person in the very beginning of the letter. The letter should start of on a joyful note. The letter in no way should show that you are jealous or envy the person who has succeeded in his or her life. The letter should be a flawless description of your best wishes. The letter of congratulation has to direct and simple. The tone has to be soft and positive. Be honest in expressing your thoughts. Don't be pompous.

Here are some suggestions that will help you in writing a congratulation letter:

  • You have to be prompt in sending congratulatory message. Draft the letter as soon as you get the good news and dispatch it to the person who has succeeded. Time is an important factor when you want to express your best wishes.
  • The letter should be printed on the letter head or good quality paper.
  • The letter should have sender's and receiver's name and address with date at the very beginning. All these things should be left aligned.
  • The main body of the letter should begin with praising an individual on his or her success. You should mention how these achievements are significant.
  • Honesty is the best policy and that has to be followed while writing this letter. The letter should express your happiness on other's good fortune.
  • Make sure that the letter is as brief as possible. You should limit it to one pager.
  • Use only professional font and readable font size in the letter. Make sure that you use one or two fonts not more than that in the letter. Don't be over creative in the draft.
  • The letter should not have any grammatical, spelling or typographical error. Proofread the letter before printing it.
  • The letter should end with your best wishes for future projects. You can use terms like yours truly to close the letter.

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