Congratulation Letter for Winning a Competition

We all love winning. Be it a small bet, a competition, a match or an election. Victory is indeed a special achievement and achievements are to be celebrated. If you do something worthwhile, society does take a note of it. Victory follows showers of congratulations and I think the best way to congratulate someone is to write a congratulations letter for winning. The congratulations letter serves as an encouragement for a winner for further achievements.

Personal congratulations letters are easier than the professional ones. These are written when someone very close to you wins a competition, does well in exams or for any remarkable achievement for that matter.

If you are writing a letter to your friend or any of your acquaintances congratulating him/her on the splendid achievement he/ she has registered, it will be an informal type of communication and so there will be no specific format of writing such a letter. You are supposed to take a note of the special achievement of the recipient, congratulate him/her and extend best wishes for his/her future achievements. You should write in a pleasant tone and can even use flowery language. You can be a spendthrift in terms of words in such a letter; however too lengthy a letter is likely to be a boring reading even if it is a congratulations letter.

Here follows a sample of a personal congratulations letter written to a friend on his winning an essay writing competition. This is just a format and not the only way to write such a letter.

My Dear Friend Daniel

It gives me immense pleasure to know that you won the first prize in the essay writing competition organized at the University College. Hearty congratulations! I read all the details of the competition in the newspaper yesterday and I must say, yours is a splendid achievement. Winning a first prize among the hundred odd entries is no child's play. I am proud of you Daniel. I am proud to have such a friend.

Daniel, I have seen your growth as a writer. You love writing; I know and I have seen the efforts you have taken to groom yourself as a writer. You read a lot. You try to remember a lot and I think these are some of your qualities which help you win competitions. I am sure, you will bloom as a prolific writer in the coming future. I wish you all luck for your future achievements. Congratulations once again!

Your friend,

This is one of the ways to write a congratulations letter for winning. You can congratulate your friends in your own words on their achievements. You can pick up some of the sentences from the above sample. We don't mind.

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