Resignation Letter Writing Tips

Of Undermining the importance of a resignation letter is a common error. A resignation letter is an important document that conveys many things. It communicates to the employer that you have been a part of the organization and serves as a written document that you are giving a formal notice that you wish to resign. Therefore, it is very important that you should know how to write a resignation letter.

In this article, we shall not only discuss how to write a good resignation letter, but also take a look at some of the tips for writing a resignation letter.

What to include in your resignation letter:

When you plan to resign, it is important that you should tell your immediate superior first and then your human resource manager. He or she should not come to know about your plans from other employees. After you write your resignation letter, it is a good thing to hand it over personally to the concerned authority. Make sure that when you leave your organization, you leave behind friends who would be able to help you in future.

Let see types of Resignation Letter:

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