Goodbye Letter to Teacher

Parting is always sorrowful and when a student parts from his favorite teacher, the moment becomes even tenderer. There is a sweet bond of love and affection between a teacher and the taught. Hence it becomes difficult for both of them to part. However, student has to move ahead and leave the school or college some time. When it's time to say goodbye to the teacher, a student can write a nice goodbye letter. Student teacher goodbye letters have become an important part of world literature.

If you as a student want to write a goodbye letter to your favorite teacher, you need some help. This won't be a formal letter and hence there won't be any fixed format of letter writing to follow. You have ample scope for your expression. You are not even expected to use the formal language. You can also be a spendthrift as far as words are concerned and so you need not worry about the length of the letter. However, I would suggest you not to write a lengthy letter. You would feel like taking an account of all those years when you studied under the guidance of your teacher. You would feel like mentioning all the important moments that you two would like to remember forever. Just make sure that you don't end up in writing something prosy.

No need to tell you that your respect for your teacher should be evident in your letter. When you pass out from school or college, you are ready to take up further challenges and grow. You should remember that your teacher has played an important role in your educational journey so far and you should be thankful for that.

Here is a sample student teacher goodbye letter. This is just a sample and you can use your own words while drafting your goodbye letter to your teacher.

Sample of Goodbye Letter to Teacher

Alan Jones
Date: 12/05/20xx

Dear Sir,

It is very much natural that I falter for words while writing you this letter. Parting is always sorrowful and saying goodbye to a teacher like you makes my heart heavy and robs me of my words. Still I am trying to write, trying to give a vent to my feelings.

Sir, I am happy to pass out with good grades from such a reputed school in London. My future academic journey gives me a call and I am happy to note that I am ready to face the further challenges of my life. However I am sad that I won't be sitting any more before you in the class to attend your lectures which always has been an enlivening experience for me; for all of us.

Sir, I studied under many teachers in this school and always enjoyed my studies; but the bond of love and affection that we two could share is special indeed. While you were my guide, you also tried to become my friend and philosopher and I am grateful to you for that.

I owe you a lot and I am sure I will never be able to repay this debt. You always made me go beyond the textbooks. You taught me how to read between the lines. It's only because of you that now I love English poetry. The way you explained the beauty lying in Wordsworth's and Yeats' poetry helped me develop my creative as well as critical faculties. Sir, I will always keep with me your explanatory notes on English poems and I am sure those excellent critical pieces will help me in my further studies as well.

I am proud to call myself your student and I promise you that I would do something in my life which will definitely make you proud of me. Thank you very much Sir, for everything. I hope I can expect your invaluable guidance in my further studies as well. So I don't reckon this as any end; but rather a new beginning. I will soon come and see you in person to take your blessings for my future journey.

Once again thank you for everything!

Your student forever,
- Emily

This is a nice letter written by a student to her favorite teacher. You can pick up some of the sentences from the above letter while you write a goodbye letter to your teacher.

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