Thank You for Applying for Job Letter

The purpose of a thank you letter is to show your appreciation and reiterate your interest in the position and in the organization. Such letters are a good way to demonstrate your good manners. These letters are very important and most people may take it to be as formalities or simple gestures of appreciation that may be followed up after each job interview.

But if you use these letters properly, they can be much more than simple kind gestures. The thank you for applying for job letter can be one good way to show your gratitude and help set apart from the rest of the people. In addition to these it helps to highlight your important skills.

A sample thank you letter will give you a clear idea as to how to write them.

(Contact details)

(Employer's name and title)
(Employer's address)

Dear (Name of the HR manager),

I am grateful for the opportunity you have given me for an interview for the position (the job title you are applying for and give the concerned reverence number). I have learned a lot of new technologies and skills the company is using. And would love to know about the (Company's name).

I am qualified and experienced to fulfill duties for the required position. The (include the info about what you learnt in the interview) was also very interesting and moreover, I have (insert here your experience and qualifications, specify the subjects covered by the interview or the field of study).

If you need further information on my career history please feel free to call me. My contact details are (insert your phone number). Thank you for your time for interviewing and I look forward to hearing from you.

(Sign your name)
(Type your name)

There can be another type of thank you letters for applying job and the following example can explain you more on it.

(Street address)
(City and state)
(Zip code)

(Insert the date here)

Dear (insert the name),

Thank you for your interest in the (insert the job title) position at (insert the company's name). We appreciate you taking some of your valuable time to apply for the referred position. Although, we were highly impressed by what you could offer to the company, unfortunately we are unable to offer you a position at this time. However, we keep your resume in the current file and consider it at a later date when a suitable vacancy arises.

We appreciate your interest in (write the company's name here) and wish you every success in your future endeavors.

Yours truly,

(Representatives names)
(Respective job titles)

These thank you letters can also be sent in other instances such as when you receive a job offer, after a telephone interview, when turning down an offer or may be even when your job applications were unsuccessful.

The thank you letters are very important because they offer you a last opportunity to prove yourself to the interviewer. These letters demonstrate your keen interest and also include a sign of gratitude and courtesy.

The thank you letter could be short and simple. The following sample will show how this can be:

(Employer's name)
(Job title)
(Company name)
(Street number and name)
(Zip code)

Dear (Full name of the interviewer),

I am writing to express my gratitude for being able to meet you in person to further discuss the job opening of (your job profile).

The interview has made me more enthusiastic and has further strengthened my capability in this position and the interest with (company's name). My education and experience gives me a great confidence in exceeding the job requirements.

Yours sincerely,

(Your signature)
(Your name)

While writing these letters follow some do's and don'ts:



These samples of thank you for applying for job letter can make a huge difference and remind you that it is never to late to create a great impression with the company you are interested in. Make sure that the descriptions are short and to the point but at the same time, it is important that you convey the right kind of message to the employer.

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