Wedding Sponsorship Letter

Many couples are now days looking for sponsors for their weddings. A sponsored wedding is the result of increased cost of weddings and other related activities. Wedding sponsors offers you lots of extra services and discount on many products or services. Most f the sponsored weddings have been effectively succeeded, and the sponsor companies are also getting good benefit from these weddings. These wedding are used as a good medium for advertising different wedding related products and services.

Wedding sponsorship letters provide the detailed information how you will help the sponsor for advertising their products. You must mention the location, date and style of your wedding. Getting sponsor for wedding is an extra jewel to make your wedding more remarkable. Your letter should suggest the sponsor that which services and products you would like to use for wedding. You can also mention which type of menu will be preferred for the wedding. A sample of wedding sponsorship letter is given below.

Wedding sponsorship letter sample

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Date: 25 December, 2008

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Dear Mr. XYZ:

It is my pleasure to invite you as an esteemed sponsor to my wedding on Friday, 1 January, 2009. I hope that this remarkable event in my life will be more beautiful with your cooperation by providing financial assistance and other wedding services.

With the grace of God, I am getting married in the next month when my all the relatives, friends and well wishers will gather. On the wedding day, many celebrities and industrialists also will be present to participate in the celebration and for wishing me happy married life. Hence, I wanted to make this celebration in a grand style that will be remembered as a great example of beautiful life. I believe that you will have great opportunity to advertise your company products and services during the wedding.

The wedding ceremony will be celebrated at Sunrise Beach Resort in the presence of around 500 guests. I have started my wedding blog in which I will write about the wedding celebration details. It will keep updated all my relatives, friends and guests about my wedding. I believe that this blog can be a best option for advertising your sponsorship of wedding and your wedding services and products. The wedding video will be released on the next day of the wedding which will also provide great scope you to show people how your company has managed wedding in a beautiful style.

I look forward to hear from you about the wedding sponsorship. I will be happy to discuss any issue regarding it. Thank you for considering the sponsorship proposal.


Your name

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