Accounts Payable Analyst Cover Letter

The trick to write a good accounts payable analyst cover letter is to know how and where to put your strong points across to the reader, which is the recruiter or the employer here. A cover letter, be it for any purpose, is to tell your take as to why you deserve to be shortlisted first among the hundred other applications on the table. The following section is specifically dedicated for the same purpose. The parts of the accounts payable analyst cover letter is divided into subheads for better understanding of the art of drafting this business letter.

Accounts Payable Analyst Cover Letter Format

Letter Header: Letter head here means nothing but your own name at the center or aligned at the left. It indicates whom is the letter coming from and this format is similar to the American letter writing. It consists of your name, address and contact numbers.

Salutation: The heading of the cover letter is preferred to be personal, but in case if you are not aware of the person's details whom you are writing and addressing to, you do not have to worry as you can very much use the generic heading of 'To Whomsoever It May Concern.' But it is generally good to avoid this header.

Opening Paragraph: The opening paragraph of the accounting payable analyst cover letter is your first tool to attract the recruiter or the employer. Bearing in mind that the letter has to be short, make efforts in writing the first line of your letter. It should be short and should tell the reader the reason for why you are writing to him or her. This will have information about the advertisement, the notice, the web posting, reference from somebody who told you about the job vacancy or any other source that made you aware of the vacancy in the company.

Body: The body of the cover letter has to be quite to the point and should straight away talk about the qualities in your personality that you think is most suited for the job and / or the brownie points given by your previous employers in terms of rewards or responsibilities handled.

Conclusion: The conclusion of the letter is short and consists of just a line of gratitude and an intimation of a possible meeting or a conversation on the telephone before the interview.

Closing: Closing the letter is with the typical 'yours sincerely' or 'yours faithfully', etc. Now we move on to an example of the accounts payable analyst cover letter.

Accounts Payable Analyst Cover Letter Sample

Jackson Michael
13 - Torque Earnest Apts.,
Brand Ferrari Street,
New Mexico.
Cell Phone Number - 123 4567 890


Rihanna Rooney
HR Manager
Accounts Payable Analysts' Association,
Off Highway No. 4,
New Mexico.

Re: Accounts Payable Analyst Job Application

Miss. Rooney,

The vacancy for the post of Accounts Payable Analyst in your reputed firm is making me write this letter to you. I came to know of the vacancy from your ex employer, who happens to be my friend, Miss. Susan Bovary. I am well aware of the responsibilities to be shouldered in the accounts payable analyst job description given in your firm's website. Apart from being thoroughly well versed with the technicalities of the field, I possess strong communication and management skills which I believe is the key for working efficiently and happily in any organization.

I am sure you will find my accounts payable analyst resume attached herewith to be impressive and call me for fixing the interview date. Thanking you very much for considering my letter and for your precious time.

Sincerely Yours,
Jackson Michael.

Enclosures: Accounts Payable Analyst Resume, Accounts Payable Analyst Certificates.

Hope this accounts payable analyst cover letter sample has provided the skeleton for freshers to write their cover letters. Wishing you all the luck for your job hunt. Be confident and show it in your cover letter.

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