Military Resume Objective

A military career is the best to serve your country. You can either join the fighting forces or play a supportive role by taking a non-combat job. Personnel in non-combat job perform various duties like assisting evacuation near danger zones and bombing sites, following supervisor's instructions in case of emergencies like terrorist bomb attacks or war, floods, road accidents and calamities or situations like leakage of harmful chemicals. Apart from these duties, individuals employed in military services may be assigned different duties that deal with other departments like transportation of goods to the base station, healthcare department to assist the officers in medical conditions, construction or technical department to keep a watch on interfering activities on the border.

Why do you need an objective statement?
The military field has a range of profiles an individual can opt to work in right from computer specialists to technicians who repair and maintain military equipment. An effective resume is not only about highlighting your key experience that prove relevant to the field but also including an attractive objective statement which demonstrates why you are an apt candidate for the job. These two or three sentences can give an insight into your personality, act as a teaser for the hiring manager and persuade him to take interest in your profile. As being in military forces is a responsible job and focuses on security of the country, the hiring officials definitely scrutinize every resume in detail before filtering out the best potential candidates.

What to include in resume objective?
Military personnel are widely recognized for their sense of dedication, commitment, professionalism, loyalty and discipline. Hence, words which demonstrate these qualities must be present in your resume objective if you want to project yourself as a capable army candidate and catch the attention of the senior official. Your resume objective must demonstrate characteristics which show you as an able leader, ability to issue orders under stressful situations, strong work ethic and routine, good physique and athleticism. Apart from the keywords, be sure to include a line about your education along with grades received in the university. You can also add a phrase or two about other qualifications to show your capability to handle multiple responsibilities. Mention the awards that you might have got for showing exemplary bravery in difficult situations or for excellent presence of mind for addressing critical conditions.

What skills must be mentioned in an military resume objective?
While flaunting your military skills is necessary, you must avoid giving details of every combat you have been involved in or use phrases that demand a sympathy. Even though every word on a resume counts, more attention must be given to what skills are written in the document. If you aspire to be in the army and serve the country, the hiring officials would definitely look for qualities like team player, ability to face new hurdles, dedication, honesty, military experience, communication skills and multitasking abilities in your document. Including these attributes in the objective statement section can increase your chances of being considered for a position. Also, you must pay attention to tone down descriptions of an active combat or past battlefield experiences in your document. Writing a simple yet impressive resume objective can pave the path for the military position you always wanted to work in.

Sample of military resume objective statements

A military resume can be more than five pages depending on the individual's experience. However, if you want the hiring personnel to scan your document completely, you must write an effective and compelling objective statement which demonstrates you as an individual who is capable of serving the nation and shouldering responsibilities. The sample objectives at our site would definitely help in writing your own resume objective and add weight to your application.

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