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It is hard to imagine a job that does not list excellent communication skills in its prerequisites. When you are employed in the communication industry, this becomes even more important. The communication field offers diverse opportunities from journalism, radio, copy writing, and television media. Communication is necessary to transform the ideas in your mind onto paper and thus into action. A vision without action is merely a dream. To take the relevant actions, you must be an excellent communicator. It assists the surrounding people understand your thoughts and helps them take necessary steps to fulfill the tasks.

Communication becomes a vital factor if you want the message to reach the right person at the right time. This is even more evident in the communication industry where the ultimate aim is to capture attention of the target audience. Miscommunication can lead to misinterpretation of the message and further disrupt entire work schedules. A product launch could go completely wrong or a business might get affected just because the advertisement failed to communicate its use to customers. To avoid this, an individual working in this sector must have proficiency in communication – both verbal and written.

For demonstrating this, a person would rely on his resume. When you have to convey the thoughts of a third person, it looks much simpler than marketing yourself. Resume writing is an art – here the product is you. This single-page document is going to communicate your unique selling point to a prospective employer and compete against thousands of potential candidates. Hence, the real challenge is in writing a document that portrays you in a positive light and is appealing.

The way in which a resume has been drafted communicates a person's abilities to the employer. With the help of a basic template given on our site, you can have an effective marketing tool to use. We also have communication resume samples for different job profiles for you to pick one suiting your profile easily.

Communication Resume Writing Tips

Spend time on deciding the resume structure

Never copy paste a sample from the internet and modify it as per your needs. This document is going to tell your story and hence, decide in what way you would like an employer picture you. Before you begin writing, choose a format that best suits the position you are interested in applying for. It could be a chronological, functional or hybrid format. Decide on what you are planning to highlight the most – skills or experience.

Communication Resumes

Create a resume headline by putting contact information at the center

The recruiter must have no difficulty in locating your contact information if he or she decides to call you for a second round or simply hire you. Mention your correct contact details – full name, residential address, mobile number, email address and portfolio website at the beginning of the document.

Add a job objective/ career summary section

The next section must be targeted to explain why you are sending this application. Include statements that convey relevant skills and experience to the position you have applied for, and increase hiring manager's interest in your profile.

List accomplishments in the work experience

Employers are genuinely interested in knowing your previous employment history and the type of work you did. Write information about the companies you have worked for along with job title and the period you were employed. Rather than listing job duties in the bullet points, focus on including spectacular achievements that convey your candidacy. Recruiters are more likely to be impressed by quantitative achievements, website links, or client comments on your work style.

Highlight noteworthy recognition

It is never bad to blow your own trumpet. But know where to draw the line. Falsifying achievements or telling blatant lies could knock you out of the race even before a recruiter checks the complete document. If you have received special awards, client ratings for a project or special mention for the contribution, add these bullets in a separate section that talks about your rewards.

Include a concise educational qualification section

Even if you are applying for a senior position, the company would always want to know your educational degree and alma mater. Add the highest level of education first, the college/university name, and the year of graduation followed by certifications, special training or workshops.

Other sections

Besides the normal template, a resume could also include other sections that demonstrate your personality beyond the desk. You could also include sections for volunteer experience, internship, hobbies/areas of interest or professional affiliations.

Mention appropriate references Remember to give reliable references with correct details only if it has been mentioned in the advertisement of the company you are applying for. If you want to catch the attention of the hiring managers, ensure that you have used buzzwords throughout the resume. To get more guidance check out the communication resume samples present below.

Samples of Communication Resumes

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