List of Management Resume & Writing Tips

A managerial position in any industry is saddled with lots of responsibilities. The duties may also vary based on the field and scale of the organization. So when you are applying for a such a responsible job, it is quite obvious that the resume standard would be a level up. After all, the growth and progress of the company would be relying on your shoulders. Hence, management resumes must represent respective skills and advertise candidates in the best light in front of prospective employers.

As the selection criteria for a managerial position will be stringent, focus must be on every minute detail that you include in the document. This is going to be your ultimate marketing tool which demonstrates skill set like ability to lead, motivate, coordinate, and organize daily tasks.

If you are aiming for the management position or have climbed up the ladder from an assistant position to a management level, your resume must reflect the required experience and capabilities for the job. Whether you are an operations manager in IT industry, or a restaurant manager, writing a precise resume with a strong combination of power verbs that display spectacular achievements and how effectively you handled responsibilities is a prerequisite if a person wants to make a mark. The document must be written in a structured format irrespective of the industry you are working for.

Depending on the industry you are employed in, management resume samples on our site will provide you the required guidance. Following a template not only assists in showing your value to the company, but also projects professional development.

Management Resume Writing Tips

Contact Details

In this section, include your full name, permanent resident address, correct mobile number and the email address where the employer can get in touch with you.

Management Resume

Profile Summary

If you really want to be ahead in the competition, include a four sentence short summary in the top section of document that explains why you deserve the job. Ensure that, this short paragraph has power-packed words and quantitative achievements that complement the rest of the document and compel the employer to check your complete profile. Prioritizing the most important facts and figures at the beginning of resume can help you craft a successful marketing tool.


To stand out from the crowd, try to include quotes from previous employers that highlight your skills and management philosophy in resume. Businesses and organizations need effective managers that can assist in making profitable turnovers, and achieving company goals and objectives. An employer would definitely check your application to determine if you have skills pertaining to the role. While listing your core competencies, have bullet points that show your leadership and managerial skills. Include action words like supervised, organized, coordinated, directed, motivated, lead the path, initiated etc.

Work Experience

A manager's position comes with a huge responsibility as it deals with managing the entire staff and ensuring company targets are met. A good industry experience can be a vital factor in promoting you to this position. Employers wish to see your accomplishments in reverse chronological order. Write separate and short bullet points to highlight your achievements and make use of action verbs to create a stronger impact. For instance, including a point as 'Streamlined administrative process to increase profits by X%' is not as effective as the point 'Initiated and played a pivotal role in the process change that reduced project-waiting time by X%'.

Education & Certification section

Ideally, employees prefer taking experienced professionals for this position or candidates who have a degree in business or management field. As this is a senior position, the educational qualification section must be placed in the bottom part of your document and emphasis must be only on the highest degree, educational institute and the year you obtained it. Including subject majors could be a personal choice. Also, have a separate sub section for professional certifications and affiliations.

The resume for a candidate working for the post of a sales manager would be much different than a candidate applying for the post of architectural firm manager. Review the samples on BSR as your base framework and write an apt resume that conveys your expertise and experience to ace the next interview. Check on different management resume samples below.

Management Resume Samples

Checkout our sample management resumes below :

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