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People who want extra-income in addition to their regular jobs or need dedicated jobs with work-from-home facility may opt for freelance writer jobs. The foremost expectation from a freelance writer is, to write on "any topic, in time".

The freelance writes are provided with certain topics and are expected to write articles of it, following specified word count limits. Some write articles for magazines, periodicals, journals, etc. whereas most of freelance writers write website content.

The key skills of a freelance writer are,

The following freelance writer resume example will make the things more clear!

Sample Freelance Writer Resume

Miguel Rogers
1223, X Street, Y Avenue,
Georgetown, SC-29442
(123) 456-7890

Objective : Generate quality content with absolute correctness and accuracy for organizations / agencies and move ahead my freelance writer career

Summary of Qualifications:

Professional Experience:

Freelance writer (2005-Present)
[List of magazines, periodicals]

Freelance website content writer (2003-2005)
[List of websites]

Academic education:

Extra Curricular:

References: Will be available on request

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