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Engineering might be the field that requires working with tools and machinery. But this doesn't eradicate the need of being totally ignorant towards writing skills. As an engineer, there will be many instances where you don't have to show just your technical skills, but written communication skill as well. One such occasion is when applying for a job. It is only through writing skill that you can show your job skills to potential employers. Therefore, honing it up along with your technical skills is must if you want to succeed in job search. One way to show you got everything needed for the job is through a resume. And to draw the attention of the hiring manager to your skills and experience, you have to draft a gripping engineering resume objective. It is a statement that introduces you to the employers as well as persuade them to offer you an employment provided you've drafted it professionally.

However, there are certain cases when you will need to write a resume objective for an engineering job. Generally, this statement is useful when you are seeking for an entry-level position, or changing a career. It shows your career aspirations, skills and abilities, and convince the employers that you're the right choice for the applied position.

Tips to Write an Engineering Resume Objective

Engineering has various branches from computers to electronics, electrical, mechanical, chemical, aeronautical, and civil. You can apply the same principle to draft a resume objective regardless of any engineering discipline you've studied. Moreover, there isn't any need to write it at length. You can show your potential for the job in two or three sentences. The hiring manager will also not mind if it is written in five to six sentences as long as it is relevant to the job.

A resume objective for any engineering position has to focus on the job requirements. It has to be different, even if you're applying to more than one company at the same time. Just like every engineering project is not the same, similarly, it should be different each time you apply for the job. Most of the objective statements that we've read focus on what they want from the company. You have to understand that the company is not an educational institution that can provide you an education and a salary. It should rather show what you have in offer for the company and how you can meet its needs. Just outline relevant skills and experience and state how you've planned to utilize them for the company. Additionally, pay due attention to the voice. An objective statement is usually written in first-person voice without the use of pronouns.

Key things to use for an effective engineering resume objective

Make it Short: Hiring managers are busy people who have to go through dozens of resumes on a daily basis, if not hundreds. So it's obvious that they don't have time to read each line on the resume. So try to make the objective short and concise as far as possible. But don't let the length discourage you from providing important information necessary to make your points clear.

Show what you can offer: An objective must not state what you want, but what you can offer to the employer. The best way to do is by including your skill set for the job, and stating how you can add value to the job.

Include keywords from the job description: One way to make the resume objective relevant to the job is to use keywords from the job description. By including them in the objective statement, you can also help the ATS (Application Tracking System) in recognizing and shorting your resume.

The examples below will help you understand better.

Engineering Resume Objective Examples

  1. Seeking a position as a Civil Engineer at a reputed construction company where I can use my skills in planning and managing multiple projects, designing infrastructure for commercial and public projects, and reviewing the feasibility of projects to help the company in delivering quality, and sustainable projects.

  2. Dedicated, committed, and diligent electrical engineer seeking the position in the similar field at a company that can use my experience in working independently for managing engineering phase of complex construction projects. My skills in planning and designing physical plant engineering systems can benefit the company to provide clients with an environment that can support research, and health care services.

  3. Looking for an opportunity as a Hardware Engineer with Apex Training Solutions, LLC where I can research, design, develop, and test computer hardware for the company as well as help in manufacturing and installation of computer equipment.

  4. To work as a Software Engineer with a leading IT company and help the management in designing and developing accounting software that can help clients in managing their expenses, income, taxation, and other bookkeeping tasks accurately and comfortably. Holding a software engineering degree and currently pursuing a diploma in accounting.

  5. To obtain a Mechanical Engineering position with a developing automotive company where I can support the design team in designing and developing advanced interior systems that can take driving experience to another level.

  6. To secure a Civil Engineer position with ABC Company and carry out process research and development work. Holds immense skills and knowledge to perform pilot testing and full-scale industrial implementation across a range of industries.

  7. To work as an Aeronautical Engineer at an entry-level position with Jack & Matt Corporation and perform technical planning and analysis to support flight testing for aircraft and components.

  8. To fetch a Clinical Engineer job at Pink Health Corporation and provide clinical equipment services such as validation and inspection, mechanical and electrical safety as well as proper operation. Experienced in planning and implementing inspections schedules for repairs of biomedical equipment.

  9. Willing to work as an Agricultural Engineer with a company known for delivering quality agricultural products to the people. Possess excellent knowledge of biological science and engineering technology to enhance production and improve efficiency of organic farming and dairy operations.

  10. Looking for a Mining Engineer Internship opportunity with XYX Corporation to use my classroom knowledge and get my hands dirty to gain real-world experience and at the same time help the company in assessing the feasibility and safety for extracting underground deposits.

If you're including a resume objective in your engineering resume, ensure that your skills and experience testify it. In case you need any help to draft the resume, browse our site for engineering resume samples.

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