Call Center Manager Resume

A call center is one of the "most happening places" as compared to any other industry offices. This is because there is a consistent flow of calls, the uninterrupted working hours and a voluminous pressure of work to deal with. So it is doubtless that managing such gigantic work pressure and the organizational operations, at such a high pace is quite a difficult task.

A call center manager must understand these critical responsibilities and have qualities which will help him/her in successful fulfillment of those responsibilities. Generally a person with more than 6 years of experience in call center operations and with a management degree (mostly MBA!) is an ideal candidate for the job of call center manager.

Check out the following sample resume for a call center manager.

Sample Call Center Manager Resume

Cassius Liston
900 E Marshall Street,
Richmond, VA 23298
Telephone No: 804-828-5624
Email id:

Objective : To seek the position of a call center manager at a call center which will provide me challenging managerial targets and tremendous growth perspectives and thereby advancing my managerial career

Summary of Qualifications :

Professional Experience :

24X7 ServiceCall BPO Solutions (2005-Present)
Manager Operations

Insta Answers BPO Services (2000-2005)
Assistant Manager Operations

Academic education :

Extra Curricular :

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References: Will be available on request

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