Foundry Work

Foundry is the process which is used for creating castings using sand or wax in molten metal. This kind of metal is used in engines, bearings, vehicles, machineries, etc. Foundry workers are the ones who do the casting and gives shape to the molten metal. There are various steps and procedures involved before giving final shape to the metal. Some metal manufacturing companies have separate section for foundry, but not all. That is why there are Foundries which are exclusively been set for the foundry work. In any industry, manpower plays the biggest hand in manufacturing products. Please refer to the following points regarding the job description of foundry workers:

A foundry worker has many roles to play for making the product worth selling. The above mentioned points are some of the main job duties. However, once the product is ready, there is another set of employees on the line for starting the packaging work.

Foundry demands particular skills from a worker, so that all the steps and procedures are followed without any errors.


Qualification and Training:

Foundry workers should belong to a science background. In the employment sector, the eligibility criteria and academic requirements may vary from one post to another. There are workers who are designated as technicians and others as engineers. If you are metallurgy or a chemical engineer, then you will be placed higher in the hierarchy. The entry-level criteria remain the same, that all the workers must have had science as their area of specialization. The core subject behind foundry work is chemistry and metallurgical science. Junior levels workers may get promoted to higher posts depending on their performances, work experience, and by clearing some technical tests.

Work Environment:

The work environment of the foundry workers involves high risk factors. Those who are employed in plants or industries, have to be safety conscious at every point of time. Dealing with chemicals and working in front of the blast furnace affects skin and health altogether. All such workers must take prior precaution by wearing safety gear before entering that kind of atmosphere. Every year, there is an increase in the number of workers dying or getting injured in foundries. This is one of the major reasons, as to why foundries are facing work force shortage. There is no doubt that this job profile comes with a lot of risk, but those risks are again usually restricted to the workers who are working inside the plant and are directly exposed to the chemicals.

According to statistics, foundries are facing a major decline and are finding it difficult to sustain in the longer run. The reason that is given for such huge amount of downfall is that foundries are not able to cope up with the other sectors because there are not many foundries, and the existing ones are not making the desired profit.

We believe in presenting you the facts, so that you do not get misled in making a career choice. On the other hand, as we have mentioned in the beginning, there are many other metal manufacturing industries that employs foundry workers.

If you think you foster this job profile for your own good and if you like to cast metals that are used in machinery parts, then you must give it a shot and make the right call by taking care of all the mentioned guidelines.

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