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Technicians are experts in managing the technical aspects relevant to a particular field. Majority of the industries depend upon technology to provide better and faster services. Hence, as the dependence on technology increases, the demand and prospects for technician work improve as well. Technicians have to use certain tools, equipments and machineries. Hence, they are recruited to help the organization to assemble and operate such equipments. Further, they repair the equipments in case of breakdowns, replace the broken components with new ones and perform routine maintenance inspections.

Technicians profile is common to several industries. Though the work nature and responsibilities differ as per the industry, these profiles are recognized as technicians. The different industries that commonly employ technicians are:

We have listed below various technician profiles with a brief job description of the same. On reading it you will realize that each profile is different. Hence, we have introduced the technician work section that elaborates every profile in detail. Job seekers will find information on the peculiarities of each profile, subject to job scope, qualification requisites, key functions, career prospects, and employment opportunities.

Automotive Technicians: They perform repairs and maintenance to vehicles. They diagnose the cause of malfunctioning of an automobile and conduct repairs to remove the defect. They provide repairing and maintenance services to all types of bikes, cars, vans, trucks, sports utility vehicles, and heavy vehicles.

Computer Technician: They maintain computers and networks of the organization. They manage the software, hardware components, data storage, operating system processes and the communication network as well. They are also known as system administrators and technical support specialists.

Electronic Technician: They assemble, repair, and maintain various types of electronic equipments. They study the schematics and manuals to understand the working of the model and perform relevant repairs. Further, they can specialize as biomedical equipment technician, computer electronics technician, metrology technicians.

Laboratory Technician: They work in medical setup. They provide assistance to the chief pathologist in testing the samples of bodily fluids. It includes samples of blood, urine, hair, tissue, etc. They ensure the samples are preserved safely. They provide assistance in diagnosing the ailments and recording the results of the tests.

Maintenance Technician: They perform varied duties in order to maintain a structure and confer to the quality and safety protocols. They possess competence in several maintenance functions of plumbing, electrical, heating, carpentry, machining, air condition, and cleaning of interiors and exteriors of the structure.

Pharmacy Technicians: They assist the chief pharmacists in receiving prescriptions, maintaining sales data and maintaining stock of vital drugs. They may process prescriptions under strict guidance of the pharmacist and provide customers with accurate quantities of medicines. They work for health care centres, hospitals and retail pharmacist shops.

Surgical Technicians: They work in operation theatres and provide assistance to the surgeons during the operation. They set up and clean the surgical instruments before and after the surgery. They maintain stock of surgical instruments. They are also called as surgical technologist, operating room technicians and scrub technicians.

Ultrasound Technicians: They assemble, maintain and operate the ultrasound machinery. They utilize the sound waves technology to capture images of different internal body parts. These images facilitate diagnosis of the medical condition of the patient. They work for several diagnostic specialties such as cardiovascular, obstetrics, abdominal ultrasound, etc.

Technicians perform work under supervision and handle huge responsibilities. Technician work requires them to work with precision. They perform manual work which is often physically and mentally straining. A technician's work conditions are prone to health and safety hazards as well. However, the expert knowledge and hand dexterity of a technician generates demand and gives them a positive career prospective.

Refer to the technician work section and choose the profile that suits your interest and gives a platform to utilize your abilities to the fullest.

Here is the list of different types of technician work:

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