Resumes and cover letters are popular searches among the job seekers. We have been doing our best at putting forth different samples of resumes and cover letters that will cover a wide range of designations and profiles. Along with the tips and formats of making a job application, we have included interview tips, salary tips and letter of recommendation formats, etc. Following our endeavor of supporting job seekers at every step of their careers, we have now introduced the work section. We are hopeful that this section further strengthens the job search of the candidates and helps them make accurate career decisions.

Work Section includes several job profiles belonging to different domains. To reduce the confusion and make job search easy, we have made different categories and sorted the job profiles as per the relevance. The popular categories include accounting work, aviation work, construction work, hospitality work, engineering work, science work and so on. Within each section you will find links for several profiles that come under that industry name. Each profile describes the job in details and gives a complete overview of the profile. To improve the readability and to make research quick, we have made segments for each job feature. Each segment heading is highlighted in bold. Hence, if you are looking out for any particular information then you can have it promptly.

The aim of introducing the work section was to describe each job profile thoroughly. We understand that job nature, responsibilities and requirements alone do not convey the job in totality. Based on this information a candidate cannot determine the course of his career. There are several other factors that influence the career making decisions of the candidate. It includes factors such as the environment where one works, prospects the future holds for the candidate, predictions for employment opportunities in future, industries that hire these candidates and the recent trends introduced in the industry. Work section will provide you the exact details that form the base of every candidate's career making decisions. Also, certain profiles will include information on the most commonly asked questions or the popular areas of confusion and misconceptions related to that particular profile.

Every piece of information is targeted at supporting the students and job seekers carve a niche for themselves in the corporate world. This information helps the students comprehend a job profile and weigh the pros and cons of it. One job opportunity may be suitable for few candidates. However, it is no proof that it will be true in your case as well. Each job is unique and so is each job seeker. You have to find out the job that is ideal for you, where you find your future and where you feel the most confident. Hence, we suggest all job seekers to study each profile on the work section, research for more information and then make the final decision.

Work section is complimentary to the resume, cover letter and interview sections. While these sections help you apply for a job and succeed in the interview, work section helps you in acquiring knowledge necessary for preparing oneself for the job search. It gives a detailed description of the job nature and challenges. This information can be used to tweak your resume and cover letter to improve the relevance with the job profile.

We hope we succeed in our objectives of introducing the work section. We believe job seekers will find all details here relevant to their search. We wish you good luck in finding your dream job.

List of Work descriptions

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