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The airlines industry primarily deals with transporting passengers and cargo via airplanes. According to the International Air Transport Association, the airline industry is responsible for about 8 percent GDP globally through shipping, tourism, and business travel. Even though the airlines industry contributes heavily to the world commerce, this industry has undergone dizzying ups and downs now and then. The main reason for this is, it reacts to regulatory modification and market condition.

Airlines were worst hit by the 9/11 attack in 2001. However, the airlines industry are starting to come out of it. According to IATA, airlines companies have started implementing several security measures which costs them around $5.6 billion per annum. Other problem that airlines are facing includes some issues with labor unions, difficulty with underfinanced pensions, a threat of bankruptcies and higher jet fuel. When all these issues will be resolved, then the airlines industry will develop.

In 1905, Wright Brothers first flew a plane successfully. After that, the airlines industry never looked back. Airplanes were largely used for military purposes, initially. It was extensively used in World War I for surveying, bombing and aerial battle. When the World War was over, U.S. found that they had many airplanes and pilots who had nothing to do. So, they started the postal or mail service from New York to San Francisco in 1918.

After World War II, the airlines industry brought forth many developments as far as the Civil Aviation transportation was concerned. Initially, it intended to make planes that were bigger, faster and capable of carrying heavy payloads, and also able to fly at high altitudes. In 1970, supersonic air travel was introduced with much advancement. However, supersonic Concorde had a single crash in 2000. Due to the 9/11 attacks, the supersonic airline stopped functioning with effect from October 2003.

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