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Career in sales is one of the lucrative job options. If you are interested in selling products and services, then career in sales is the right profession. In sales, you can unfold your potentials. Every company, firm, organization, and establishment needs a sales person who deals with their sales department.

Sales is a process of problem solving for prospective buyers. A salesperson has to develop the skills to discover needs and solve problems. A good salesperson often sells what customers really need. Some organizations offer training programs that include one-on-one coaching.

The responsibility of a salesperson is to motivate, organize, and lead sales teams in a spectrum of sectors comprising of finance, pharmaceuticals, and fast moving consumer goods. They are accountable for the combined performance of the team and ensuring that every team member achieves their targeted goals. They may set up their targets or receive them from the sales director. They may employ incentive schemes, which encourage members of their team to achieve sales targets.

Management structures may vary considerably between sectors and companies. Some sales managers are responsible for specific geographical areas, specific type of customer, and particular products. Usually, sales managers are responsible for:

Depending upon the level of seniority and culture of the company, a sales manager may also be involved with enhancement of marketing strategies, product development, and identification of new business opportunities. The increasing number of growing organizations has created the demand for skilled professionals. There are many opportunities for expert professionals across the world.

There are no set qualifications; however, many sales managers are promoted after three or four years of experience in sales. Most employers seek for candidates who have completed higher education. Candidates who have completed a diploma in retail business, business administration and finance are preferred. A sales manager needs to have following skills.

Skills Set

Some companies offer special training to their employees with the intention of enhancing their skills required in sales. There are many courses in sales offered by some leading educational institutions. Upon completing any of such courses, candidates get into this field easily. The sales results define promotion possibilities for sales managers. A successful sales manager may progress into senior management positions such as sales director.

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