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Do not confuse this profession with the job of a chef, the two differ a lot. The cook does not make original dishes; they merely follow the recipe of the existing dishes. Their job involves much less administration and more of cooking. For more details, read the cook job description given for your benefit.

The cooks are the ones who do the cooking according to the recipes. Although, many restaurants allow their cooks to experiment and find out new recipes, originally it is not a part of their job. The cook has to do all the manual labor involved in the kitchen.

They have to clean before, during and after the cooking service. Maintaining the hygiene of the kitchen is a big part of their job. They also have to assist the chef in the cooking.

Before the cooking begins, the cooks will clean and chop up all the required ingredients so the chefs can start off immediately. They too have to cook but under the direction of the head chef. They follow the recipes designed by the head chef. Once the dish is prepared, they garnish and set the dish on the plate in a presentable manner.

Like stated, the hygiene of the kitchen is big part of their responsibilities. The cooks will clean the kitchen as when it gets dirty. Kitchens have to follow strict health codes, implementing these codes in the kitchen is the cook's job. If any chef is absent, the cook will take over their station and prepare the dishes in their place.

This profession does not require too much education. Many use this post to train in becoming chefs and support their education by working as cooks.

The salary they get is decent and there are good opportunities for advancement. Given below are the duties of cook in detail, read them to know more.

Responsibilities of a cook

Education Required for a Cook

Career Advancement

The cooks mainly take this job to become chefs someday, who later move onto become head or executive chefs. Cooks in high end restaurants move into senior posts of management.

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